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Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

The new online Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics from the Penn State Smeal College of Business, delivered in partnership with Penn State World Campus, enables business professionals to develop the quantitative and managerial skills for exploring and analyzing large or complex data sets to support data-driven business decisions. The program—designed around the framework from the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS)—covers the entire life cycle of data and analytics supported decision making using the descriptive/prescriptive/predictive framework for business analytics: descriptive (what happened?), predictive (what will happen?), prescriptive (what should happen?).

The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics from Smeal builds on the basic analytic concepts and techniques that professionals are expected to have and provides a practical approach to deploying these analytic skills and capabilities in various areas of business such as marketing, supply chains, operations, forensics, and risk management. Target audiences include business analysts, analytic systems designers, and the data scientists who have a focus on problems arising in the contexts of business decision-making.

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Career Opportunities in Business Analytics

Organizations increasingly need professionals who understand how to apply data analysis techniques to solve both routine and strategic business problems. The certificate program is designed to enhance your abilities to obtain, organize, and manage data; access data to address managerial issues; present data and analyses to diverse audiences; and implement data-driven decisions in your organization.

Business analytics professionals are found in various corporate, government, and not-for-profit organizations across the globe. As the data from transactions, social interactions, and sensors increase, strategic opportunities emerge from careful analysis and modeling. Professionals who can transform data into sound business decisions are found in all aspects of business and society including:

  • Investments and banking
  • Manufacturing 
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Marketing strategy and public relations
  • Risk analysis and actuarial computation
  • Information systems design and implementation
  • Federal, state, provincial, and local governments
  • Research and development firms
  • Health care industry

Consider Stepping Up to an MBA
If you are looking for a broader course of study to supplement your Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics, consider the Penn State Online MBA Program. Core coursework covers the foundations of critical business areas including, supply chain management, accounting, corporate innovation and entrepreneurship, team performance, and ethics. Should you apply to the Penn State Online MBA and are accepted, your electives from your certificate may count toward the program's 9-credit concentration requirement.