Submit a Project

APEX project submission and contact information.

If you have a project that would be right for APEX, we want to hear from you. Please use the Project Submission Form to tell us about your current business challenge that would benefit from being a part of APEX.

Within a week of your submission, you'll be contacted by David Lenze, director of APEX, to discuss your project in greater detail. Assuming agreement to move forward, your project will then be evaluated for inclusion in the next cycle of projects. Final selection of the projects to be included is made by a panel of faculty and staff based on the following criteria:

  • The scope of the business challenge and its fit for the APEX Program
  • The extent that the project involves multiple functional areas and will serve as a capstone learning experience for students
  • The level of commitment by the client to interact with students as appropriate to ensure a successful project
  • The impact of the project on society (e.g., through economic growth, technology development, sustainable business practices, enhanced human services, or environmental impact)
  • The overall interest of students in the project

This year's deadline for submission of projects is November 10, but earlier submission increases the likelihood that your project will be chosen. The final selection of projects is made in early December. Teams are then assigned and work begins mid-January. Projects must be completed by the end of April.

For more information, please contact us.