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Student Organization Alumni Adviser Program Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate?
The program is open to all official Smeal student organizations (undergraduate and graduate).

Who are the Alumni Advisers?
Smeal alumni and friends of the college serve as alumni advisers. The advisers come from various academic majors with experiences and careers in a wide range of industries. Some are recent graduates and others have many years of working experience.

How many Alumni Advisers are paired with an organization?
Typically one or two alumni advisers are paired with an organization. The team of alumni advisers are encouraged to work together to meet the needs and expectations of their assigned student organization.

What is the difference between an Alumni Adviser and a Faculty/Staff adviser?
The alumni adviser is intended to compliment the role of your faculty/staff adviser. Organizations should continue to utilize their faculty/staff adviser as they have in the past. The alumni adviser will serve as an external business liaison to the organization.

What is the time commitment?
The alumni adviser(s) and the student organization should determine the time commitment based on the goals for the year. Interaction by the president and/or executive board with the alumni adviser(s) at least once a month is recommended. The president and/or executive board should make every effort to be available, should the alumni adviser(s) visit campus. The student organization and alumni adviser(s) partnership is expected to be maintained for at least the academic year.

How will my organization benefit from the Alumni Adviser Program?
The Alumni Adviser Program provides countless benefits. The alumni have valuable insights into the current business world. They can add value to a variety of initiatives such as helping the organization to create a strategic plan; working on a year-long project together; and serving as a guest speaker or identifying other speakers for future events or meetings. The purpose of the program is not to provide members of the organization with internship or job opportunities; nor should the organization solicit the adviser for funding of any kind.

How do I get involved?
All Smeal student organizations will receive an e-mail titled, “Call for Student Organizations” in late spring. That e-mail message will contain directions for completing a brief online application. The program will begin the following fall.

I still have some questions, who should I contact?
To learn more about the Student Organization Alumni Adviser Program, contact the Alumni Relations Office at 814-865-7831 or via e-mail at