Accounting Research Conference

The Accounting Research Conference is a research workshop with a mix of leading senior and junior academics presenting their latest research in the field of accounting. Attendees include Penn State Faculty and Ph.D. students, and invited accounting scholars chosen from their prominence in the field.

Penn State will host the fifteenth invitational Accounting Research Conference on May 19 - 20, 2022. There will be a total of six, 75 minute presentations where leading junior and senior academics present their latest research topics. Conference attendees are Penn State faculty, Ph.D. students, and invited accounting scholars.

Conference Program

Conference Participants

Papers for the Conference

Programs from previous conferences

2022 Conference Coordinators

Sam Bonsall, Associate Professor of Accounting, Reeves Early Career Professorship

Robert Hills, Assistant Professor of Accounting

Rick Mergenthaler, Associate Professor in Accounting, Moore Faculty Fellow