Honor & Integrity Across the Curriculum

How honor and integrity are integrated within the curriculum at Smeal.

Numerous courses at Smeal address issues of ethics and integrity as they pertain to the business world, while others focus on ethical business issues as they pertain to specific disciplines, such as accounting and supply chain management.

First-Year Seminar in Business (PSU 006): Examines the transition to college life and business studies with particular focus on personal, academic, and business integrity.

Business Law I: Introduction to Contracts, Liability Issues, and Intellectual Property (B LAW 341): An introduction to the business environment emphasizing business contracts, liability issues arising from business relations, including those in the internet realm and intellectual property issues. Alternative dispute resolution and global perspectives will be integrated throughout.

Socially Responsible, Sustainable and Ethical Business Practice (BA 342): Examines actions taken by corporations that impact global citizenship, environmental sustainability, and the economic stability of international societies. It further looks at relationships, rights, and responsibilities between businesses, business decision-makers, and their stakeholders.

Business, Ethics, and Society (MGMT 451W): Focuses on the knowledge, skills, and perspectives that a manager must have in order to deal with the social, legal, ethical, and political demands in society. Ecological, ethical, and public policy dimensions of various managerial decisions are examined.

Ethical Leadership (BA 504): Explores the key role students will play as managers and leaders in creating and maintaining responsible business conduct.