Numerous individuals are active in the college's ongoing academic integrity initiative.

Numerous individuals are active in the college's ongoing academic integrity initiative.

Charles H. Whiteman
As the John and Becky Surma Dean of Smeal, Whiteman oversees all aspects of the college and has made it a priority to promote the principles of honor and integrity to Smeal students now and as future business leaders.

Russell Barton
Senior Associate Dean
As the senior associate dean, Barton is responsible for the general academic and research strategies of the college as well as strategies associated with international collaborative relationships. He also oversees the Ph.D. program, research funding and budgets, faculty development, all academic departments and research centers, and the Office of International Business.

Jeff Sharp
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education

Sharp oversees enhancements to the college's undergraduate curriculum and provides strategic direction for the Undergraduate Education Office, which provides advising services and programming to more than 5,000 students. As director of the Honor Code's initiatives, Sharp coordinates the adjudication process.

Doug Thomas
Faculty Director, MBA Program
Associate Professor, Supply Chain and Information Systems

Thomas works with faculty members, alumni, and student leaders to maintain and continuously improve the MBA program's curriculum. He leads the execution of the Smeal Honor Code in the MBA program and counsels students on integrity and other academic issues.

Linda Treviño
Professor of Organizational Behavior
Franklin H. Cook Fellow in Business Ethics

Treviño has expertise in the areas of the management of ethical conduct in organizations; the management of organizational climate and culture to support and encourage ethical behavior; and organizations' varied approaches to ethics management. She is co-author of the textbook "Managing Business Ethics: Straight Talk About How to Do it Right," which is used frequently to teach undergraduates, MBAs, and executives.

Jennifer Eury
Director of Honor and Integrity, Instructor in Management
Jennifer Eury is the director of honor and integrity and an instructor in management and organization at the Smeal College of Business. She is responsible for the college's honor and integrity initiatives, including marketing and communications, training and orientation, and policy execution and implementation.

Diane Merzbach
Graduate Assistant - Honor and Integrity Initiatives
Merzbach is a second year MBA student, concentrating in Marketing, Supply Chain, and Strategic Leadership.  She is responsible to assist the Honor and Integrity Director and Committee with Smeal H&I initiatives.  She also brings in the student perspective to the H&I Committee.