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Panels and Panelists

This page provides information on panels and panelists for the Early Stage Venture Capital Conference.

Panel 1: Entrepreneurship in Pennsylvania

In all economic times, entrepreneurs have great ideas and create new businesses to help those ideas flourish.  This panel will bring together successful entrepreneurs and incubators to discuss how to successfully launch a new business, what help there is for entrepreneurs, and the eco-system that supports these businesses.  We will also look at the problems faced by entrepreneurs in Pennsylvania and possible resolutions to their constraints.


  • Brad Leve, Assistant Director of the Farrell Center, The Pennsylvania State University, and Chief Crayon Sharpener at SnapflightUSA, Inc.
  • Karla Trotman, Owner, and Marketing and Special Projects Manager, Electro Soft, Inc.
  • TBA

Panel 2: Mergers and Acquisitions

When an entrepreneur decides to sell their business, they often exit through a merger or acquisition.  This panel will bring together both entrepreneurs who have previously sold a business and the venture capital firms that have invested in these businesses. The focus will be to analyze the acquisition from the perspective of both the entrepreneur and the venture capitalists. The panel will also discuss the events that need to happen before, during, and after the sale transaction.


  • Christopher D. McDemus, Managing Partner, Baer Crossey, LLC
  • TBA
  • Anthony C. Warren, Chief Technology Officer, Halare, Inc.

Panel 3: Venture Capital in Pennsylvania

An increasing trend in financial management is to move away from traditional investments like mutual funds and invest in alternative investment vehicles like venture capital firms. This panel aims to discuss entrepreneurship in Pennsylvania purely from a venture capital perspective. This panel will bring venture capital investors together to discuss what they look for in an investment opportunity, how to get in contact with them, and how the panelists got into the venture capital industry. The panelists will also help entrepreneurs to assess whether they should adopt the venture capital route or bootstrap their investments instead.


  • Stephen B. Carpenter, Vice President, Venture Operations, Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania (LSGPA)
  • David J. Kurtz, Managing Director, KMS Capital Group, LLC.
  • TBA

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