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Marketing Major

Marketing is a broad field with a primary purpose of generating demand for an enterprise's products or services. It involves an understanding of consumer behavior and research to determine consumer preferences and to guide firms in dealing with those preferences. 

Marketing Major Focus Areas

Because customer insights are at the center of the marketing process, all Smeal marketing majors take courses in consumer behavior, marketing research, and marketing strategy. Majors then have the option to pick their own diverse combination of courses or select a focus area of prescribed and recommended courses.

The marketing major focus areas include:

  • Brand management
  • Digital marketing
  • Marketing analytics
  • Retail and merchandise management
  • Consultative selling
  • Sport marketing

    Careers in Marketing

    Careers in marketing include positions in:

    • Brand management
    • Product line management
    • Digital marketing
    • Marketing analytics
    • Retail planning and allocation
    • Retail buying
    • Sales management
    • Consulting
    • Field sales
    • Consultative selling
    • Sports sponsorships
    • Sports analytics

      Marketing Degree Requirements and Sample Schedules