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International Programs

Smeal strongly encourages students to participate in global education opportunities. Study abroad and international internships are seen as options for enhancing a student's academic experience as well as providing ideal chances for personal and professional development.

Education abroad is above all an opportunity. Wise use of this experience will complement your Penn State education and broaden your perspective, providing a chance to satisfy your curiosity, interact in new ways, travel to different places, enrich your learning environment, cultivate understanding and tolerance, and expand your perspective and develop your global vision.

Globalization is an increasingly important aspect of any business major and participation in a global educational program can augment the understanding of world issues through direct experience of a foreign environment. Employment outlooks for the twenty-first century indicate that successful candidates in the job market will possess evidence of an international perspective and a demonstrated interdisciplinary approach to education. Studying in a foreign country provides such credentials.

Study Abroad is an Opportunity

  • to satisfy your curiosity
  • to interact differently
  • to travel to different places
  • to enrich your learning environment
  • to cultivate understanding and tolerance
  • to expand your perspective and develop your global vision

International Business Minor

The International Business minor is designed to be paired with a Smeal major program to provide students with an opportunity to focus on international business. It provides students with knowledge, skills, and experiences that prepare them for a business career that might include international responsibilities. The requirements include a study abroad experience from the approved list.

Choosing an Education Abroad Program

Penn State offers more than 140 programs around the globe. Selecting an appropriate international program of study entails identifying goals, recognizing limitations, and considering how the study abroad experience will strengthen your overall academic program.

Eligibility Requirements

Smeal students must meet certain requirements before they participate in study abroad.

Preparing to Go Abroad

Use the checklists and forms provided to make your study abroad experience more enjoyable.

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We invite you to explore the many education abroad possibilities available to you and encourage you to talk with any and all of the resources available. Contact us today.