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Visit Us

The Smeal College of Business welcomes prospective students and their families to visit Penn State and the college.

Visit Undergraduate Admissions

We encourage all prospective students and their families to schedule a visit to Penn State through the Undergraduate Admissions Office (UAO). A visit to the admissions office includes an information session with an admissions officer and a tour of campus by Penn State students.

The admissions office offers visits on weekdays and most Saturdays. Advance registration is required, so please review available times and register on the Undergraduate Admissions Web site.

Visit the Smeal College of Business

If you plan to visit the Undergraduate Admissions office on a weekday, contact us at 814-863-1947 to schedule a visit to the Business Building after your admissions office visit.

Spend a Summer Day

If you plan on visiting Penn State and the Smeal College of Business in the summer, we encourage you to visit during a Spend a Summer Day event. On four different days in the summer, you can visit the campus and attend a variety of events, including an information session by the Undergraduate Admissions Office, campus and facilities tours, and presentations by different colleges, including the Smeal College of Business.

To see available dates and to register, visit the Spend a Summer Day site.

For Students with Offers of Admission

Every spring, students with offers of admission to the Smeal College of Business at the University Park campus are invited to attend an information session specifically for them. Invitations with details are included in your offer packet. For more information or to register, contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

For Students with Offers to the Sapphire Leadership Program

Some students with offers of admission to the Smeal College of Business may be also invited by mail to participate in the Sapphire program.

If you have received an offer of admission to this program, call us at 814-863-1947 to learn about visit times designated specifically for you.