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Academic Advising Center

Throughout your baccalaureate program a key source of academic guidance comes through interaction with a professional adviser in the Academic Advising Center. You'll be encouraged to begin building your professional portfolio the day you arrive. Course work, internships, research, and involvement in business clubs and organizations all play a role in a Smeal student's education. The Center is conveniently located in Suite 202 of the Business Building.

Advising Services

New Student Orientation (NSO)

"NSO" is a two day visitation and planning program attended by all first-year students in the summer prior to arriving for classes at Penn State. Your educational goals are reviewed, your initial course registration is completed and you learn about Penn State resources and student services.

College Meeting

"The College Meeting" is a one-day orientation that acclimates you to Smeal and Penn State. You meet with College faculty, advisers, and a student mentor.

Major Exploration and Selection

Exploration seminars are held with faculty and academic advisers to discuss your major and career interests.

Course Scheduling and Degree Requirements

Advisers, familiar with the intricacies of course scheduling and degree requirements at Penn State work with you planning current and future semesters.

Education Abroad

The opportunity to spend a summer or semester studying in another region of the world is life changing. Advanced planning ensures course and location fit.

Graduation and Commencement

Eight semesters of academics and an internship readies you for graduation. Final planning and preparation culminates with you crossing over into a career and life-long learning.

Advising Resources


An online system offering advising, registrar, financial aid, and bursar services.

Degree Bulletin

The University's Undergraduate Degree Programs Bulletin is available on-line or in print and contains official policy and requirements you need to know as a student.

Schedule of Classes

Accessed via LionPath, the electronic schedule of classes lists courses available at Penn State.

University Statements on Responsibility and Advising

As with all complex organizations, a series of beliefs and principles guide us so that responsibility and respect toward one another is upheld.

Penn State Principles

A commitment to personal and academic excellence, the Penn State Principles embody the values that our students, faculty, staff, and alumni possess.

Responsibilities of Advisers and Advisees

At Penn State, advisers and advisees share responsibility for making the advising relationship successful.

Academic Integrity

The college's policy on academic integrity promotes the pursuit of scholarly activity in an open, honest and responsible manner.