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Software Details

The Rogers Family Trading Room offers a variety of financial software that can be useful in many types of research and analysis. Any Penn State student or faculty member is welcome to use the software. There are several ways to learn how to use the software including attending the classes offered in the Trading Room on most weeknights, using the handouts available online in the room, and getting help from one of the Trading Room assistants.

List of Financial Software
Software Details
Bloomberg Professional Bloomberg Professional

Bloomberg Professional is an interactive information network that provides current and historical market financial information. Widely used by financial institutions, Bloomberg offers one-stop shopping for almost any type of financial data or pricing needs. For example, users can access fundamental company data, examine the terms of corporate bond issues, obtain market prices for unlisted securities, monitor a corporation's legal filings, track the trading behavior of institutional investors, or value exotic securities. The Trading Room houses two Bloomberg machines, one of which can be used to download finanical data into Excel.
Bridge/Telerate Reuters Station

Reuters Station is available on any desktop in the Trading Room. It is used to monitor news and global market prices for equities, currencies, commodities, options, futures, and fixed income instruments. Users can customize and store unique workspaces, each of which contains user-selected analytics screens such as news monitors, charts, and data monitors. Users can also easily switch between the workspaces, making a large amount of data easily accessible. Reuters Station's charting tool, Athena, provides an extensive history of prices and news and also enables the performance of detailed technical analysis. Data from Reuters Station can be fed directly into Excel spreadsheets to provide both historical and real-time prices.
TradeStation TradeStation

TradeStation Pro is a direct-access trading platform. It provides quick and easy access to real-time NASDAQ level 2 quotes and specialists' posted prices. Charting is quickly performed, and adding technical analysis to a graph takes only seconds.TradeStation Pro provides users with powerful tools to develop, optimize, and back test trading strategies using more than 15 years of historical intra-day data. It also allows data exportation into Excel. TradeStation is used for the Penn State Trading Strategy Competition held in the spring.
Rotman Interactive Trader Rotman Interactive Trader and Rotman Portfolio Manager

Rotman Interactive Trader and Rotman Position Manager (RIT and RPM), are market and portfolio management simulation systems developed by the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto.  Using RIT, markets can be created within the trading room that allow students to trade against each other or against and an automated system.  Trading cases using RIT generally require students to make pricing and trading decisions based on their analysis of data provided in the case and market.  The cases can be tailored to teach specific concepts, valuation models, or strategies.  Some of the cases that have been developed focus on merger arbitrage, index trading, discounted cash flow valuation models, and option pricing and hedging. In addition to being used for classes, RIT is generally used in various trading competitions for Penn State students held throughout the year.

RPM allows users to manage a portfolio of market traded securities using real-time market prices.  The system provides students with streaming quotes and the ability to enter orders to trade listed securities including stocks, bonds, and derivative instruments.  Simulations can last for hours or months. The experience allows users to apply portfolio management techniques and the ability to test various trading strategies without risking any real capital.