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Faculty research agendas include sustainability projects in economics, finance, management, marketing, supply chain, and more. Because our faculty members work so closely with corporate partners, they know first-hand that sustainability touches every aspect of global business. Specific topics that our faculty members are researching include:

  • Ethics and social responsibility as sustainable business practice. (Linda Trevino)
  • The urgent need to reduce carbon and CO2 emissions in the areas of distribution, transportation, sourcing, manufacturing, returns and waste management. (CSCR)
  • The relationships between globalization, international business, and environmental issues. (Terrence Guay)
  • Closed-loop supply chains and remanufacturing, which serve as a foundation in the development of environmentally sustainable industrial systems. (Dan Guide)
  • Intellectual property rights that can be used to encourage private investment in sustainability-related innovation. (Dan Cahoy)
  • The economic development impact of the solar and wind industries for the 13 states in the Appalachian region. (Gerald Susman)
  • Construction of cross-sectional roundtables to bring together stakeholders from business, government, and NGOs to tackle problems such as the development of sustainable packaging. (Barbara Gray)
  • The exploration of whether the online marketing medium can be used to influence people to adopt more sustainable energy consumption strategies. (Arvind Rangasawmy)
  • Transition dynamics to a sustainable future. (Raghu Garud)
  • Analysis of procurement strategies and supply chain configurations for biomass raw materials in the production of biofuels and bioenergy. (Evelyn Thomchick)