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As part of our dialogue with society, Smeal has hosted many events that center on sustainability practices. Some past events have included:

Advanced Manufacturing Forum (CMTOC)

The theme of the spring 2011 Advanced Manufacturing Forum will be lean manufacturing and applying lean methodologies to sustainability, with presentations by managers with extensive experience in implementing lean practices that focus on product design, manufacturing, and supply chain. The event is sponsored by the Center for the Management of Technological and Organizational Change.

R. Hadly Waters Supply Chain Symposium
Profitable Sustainability: The New Supply Chain Business Model (CSCR)

Penn State’s R. Hadly Waters Supply Chain Symposium focused on profitable sustainability in supply chains. Due to tremendous pressure on companies in regard to reducing their carbon footprint, this topic is relevant for most corporations. Speakers shared how their companies accomplish this from a manufacturing, retail, and transportation perspective, while still earning a profit.

The Business Challenges and Opportunities of Energy and Water Sustainability Conference (CGBS)

The conference addressed current topics and trends such as changing notions of sustainability, sustainable energy, the nuclear industry, and sustainable water initiatives. The event was sponsored by the Center for Global Business Studies.

The Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM) Consortium

ISBM has recently formed a consortium of companies that share experiences and issues related to sustainability.

The Center for Supply Chain Research (CSCR) Benchmarking Meetings

CSCR hosts regular benchmarking meetings with corporate partners. Topics centered on sustainability include fuel management strategies, logistics issues around ethanol, rail fuel, emissions standards, and Lean Six Sigma.

The Center for Research on Conflict and Negotiation (CRCN) Freight Project

CRCN is working with On Track PA to promote freight rail transportation, rather than shipping via truck.

The Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship (FCFE) Nuclear Project

FCFE is working on a project that analyzes how actors in the nuclear power industry are influenced by emerging categories such as sustainability, renewable, and emission-free nuclear power while battling lingering legitimacy issues such as safety.