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Smeal Sustainability Council Members

Consisting of the directors of six of Smeal's research centers, two associate deans, and other key faculty, the Sustainability Council meets regularly to develop new collaborative initiatives, further the college's sustainability agenda, and encourage cross-disciplinary programs.

  • Gerald Susman, Director of the Center for the Management of Technological and Organizational Change, Director of Sustainability Council, Emeritus Klein Professor of Management
  • Forest Briscoe, Assistant Professor of Management
  • Daniel Cahoy, Associate Professor of Business Law
  • Min Ding, Professor of Marketing, Smeal Research Fellow in Marketing
  • Raghu Garud, Alvin H. Clemens Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies, Research Director of the Farrell Center for Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation, Professor of Management and Organization
  • Fariborz Ghadar, Director of the Center for Global Business Studies, William A. Schreyer Professor of Global Management, Policies, and Planning
  • Barbara Gray, Professor of Organizational Behavior, Director of the Center for Research in Conflict and Negotiation
  • William “Skip” Grenoble, Executive Director of the Center for Supply Chain Research, Senior Research Associate
  • Terrence Guay, Clinical Associate Professor of International Business
  • V. Daniel R. Guide, Jr., Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Terry Harrison, Professor of Supply Chain and Information Systems, Earl P. Strong Executive Education Professor in Business
  • Ron Johnson, Instructor in Management and Organization; focus on sustainability, ethics and social responsibility.
  • David Lenze, Director of APEX Program
  • Vilmos Misangyi, Assistant Professor of Management
  • Ralph Oliva, Professor of Marketing, Executive Director of the Institute for the Study of Business Markets
  • Arvind Rangaswamy, Senior Associate Dean for Research and Faculty, Anchel Professor of Marketing
  • Sajay Samuel, Clinical Associate Professor of Accounting & STS
  • Doug Thomas, Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management and MBA Faculty Director
  • Linda Trevino, Professor of Organizational Behavior and Ethics, Distinguished Professor