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Undergraduate Management Information Systems (MIS) Major

According to Accenture, "It is becoming clearer that an organization's ability to achieve high performance in today's shifting, competitive business landscape will be largely dependent on its ability to get the right information to the right person at the right time. Analytics will become central to the strategies of many businesses going forward - and important to all." (

Furthermore, Deloitte Consulting research indicates that "CEOs who take command on this new business battleground (Analytics) will be much better positioned to generate significant strategic and cost advantages. Those who decline the opportunity will likely find themselves outflanked and outmaneuvered." (

Smeal MIS graduates are well prepared for careers in industry, consulting, and government sectors as business analytics specialists and system analytics professionals.

Major Overview

The MIS major focuses on technology-supported techniques for exploring. analyzing, integrating, and reporting business data to facilitate fact-based decision-making and enterprise-wide management. MIS students develop proficiency in business analytics, competency in systems analysis and design, and mastery of core business processes.

MIS Highlights

Consider some of the other factors that help to enhance the environment fot MIS students at the Smeal College of Business.

Top Ranked

Employers have ranked Penn State and Smeal No. 1 in both The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg Businessweek. In addition, The Journal ranks Smeal's MIS program No. 2 for producing the best MIS graduates.

Student Events

The SC&IS Department hosts a variety of student events each year, including fall and spring career fairs, picnics, and career exploration sessions for MIS majors. First-year and second-year students can also learn more about majors, careers, and involvement opportunities at The Big Event.

Preparing to Enroll

During the second year, all Smeal students apply for their major. MIS applicants must complete the entrance-to-major requirements and  must have the specified minimum GPA at the end of both fall and spring semesters. Students with lower cumulative GPAs may be admitted depending on demand.

MIS Major Requirements

Complete all of the following Management Information Systems courses (15 credits). A grade of "C" or higher is required in all MIS course, including MIS 204.
› MIS 390 (3)
Information Systems Management and Applicaitons (Prerequisite: MIS 204)
› MIS 431 (3)
Business Data Management (Prerequisite: MIS 204, Concurrent: SCM 301)
› MIS 432 (3)
Business Information System Analysis (Prerequisite: MIS 431)
› MIS 446 (3)
Information Technology and Business Strategy (Prerequisite: MIS 390)
› MIS 479W (3)
Management of Operations Information/ERP (Prerequisite: MIS 390 or MIS 431)

Select a Two-Piece Sequence (6 credits) from one of the areas below or complete a designated University minor.
› Accounting
› Economics
› Entrepreneurship
› Finance
› International Business
› Management
› Marketing
› Real Estate
› Risk Management
› Supply Chain and Information Systems

Employment Prospects

The SC&IS Department at Smeal provides a dedicated job-placement services office for students. Companies recruiting majors represent both the services sector (consulting, retailing, and health care industries) and the manufacturing sector (especially computer, aerospace, pharmaceutical, electronics, petrochemical, auto, food, and consumer product industries). In addition to job-placement services, the department partners with the Center for Supply Chain Research (CSCR) in hosting a fall and spring career fair attended by more than 100 companies.

Career placement services within the department are coordinated by Brianne Kepler, who can be reached at (814) 863-3492 or