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Strategic Thinking & Innovation

Business today is unpredictable and fluid. Economic shifts, government policies, technology, consumer preferences, competitor disruptions, and countless other areas erode long-term effectiveness of any organization’s strategic approach, no matter how sound.

Penn State Executive Programs specializes in helping organizations adapt to the volatile business world. Our Strategic Thinking & Innovation services for individuals and leadership teams address the demands of competing in this ever-changing landscape by addressing your success holistically. Our areas of practice include:

  • Launch Pad: Mastering the Essentials of Business Start-Up This “lab” style open program prepares you – the entrepreneur -- to launch a business. Bring your business idea and work with experts to give it the best possible chance for success by learning how to balance the demands required of you at start-up.  You will test each part of your business model: customer development, bootstrapping, partnerships and investors, financing, organizational culture, change management. This course provides practical learning on how to start a scalable company or advise others.
  • Strategic Thinking and Innovation For Corporate Teams: As pathways to future prosperity evolve over time, we help organizations adapt through a proven process of evaluation, planning, and implementation. We work side-by-side with your leadership team to visualize, plan, and execute for the future. Our award-winning approach to Strategic Thinking & Innovation has been recognized twice by Chief Learning Officer magazine.
  • Executive Development for Organizational Leaders: As your organization implements its strategy for the future, your people will make the difference. Aligning Strategy, Leadership, and Culture: Keys to Competitive Advantage will build a critical mass of leaders who can interpret the environment, seek out new opportunities, rally those around them, and reflect the DNA of the organization.