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Strategic Thinking & Innovation

Business today is unpredictable and fluid. Economic shifts, government policies, technology, consumer preferences, competitor disruptions, and countless other areas erode long-term effectiveness of any organization’s strategic approach, no matter how sound.

Penn State Executive Programs specializes in helping organizations adapt to the volatile business world. Our Strategic Thinking & Innovation services for individuals and leadership teams address the demands of competing in this ever-changing landscape by addressing your success holistically. Our areas of practice include:

  • LaunchPad: Mastering the Essentials of a Business Startup This “lab” style open program prepares you – the entrepreneur -- to launch a business. Bring your business idea and work with experts to give it the best possible chance for success by learning how to balance the demands required of you at startup.  You will test each part of your business model: customer development, bootstrapping, partnerships and investors, financing, organizational culture, change management. This course provides practical learning on how to start a scalable company or advise others.
  • Strategic Thinking and Innovation For Corporate Teams: As pathways to future prosperity evolve over time, we help organizations adapt through a proven process of evaluation, planning, and implementation. We work side-by-side with your leadership team to visualize, plan, and execute for the future. Our award-winning approach to Strategic Thinking & Innovation has been recognized twice by Chief Learning Officer magazine.
  • Executive Development for Organizational Leaders: As your organization implements its strategy for the future, your people will make the difference. Aligning Strategy, Leadership, and Culture: Keys to Competitive Advantage will build a critical mass of leaders who can interpret the environment, seek out new opportunities, rally those around them, and reflect the DNA of the organization.