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Sandeep Purao, Ph.D.

Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
College of Information Sciences and Technology
The Pennsylvania State University

Sandeep Purao is on the faculty at the College of Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State University, University Park, PA. Prior to joining Penn State, he was on the faculty at College of Business, Georgia State University.

His research focuses on the design, evolution and management of complex techno-organizational systems with a blend of research methods and approaches from software engineering and the organizational sciences. His research has been funded by National Science Foundation, Foundations and Industry Consortia. His work has been published in journals such as Communications of the ACM, various IEEE Transactions, ACM Computing Surveys, and Information Systems Research; and conferences such as International Conference on Information Systems, IEEE Service-oriented Computing Conference, and International Conference on Conceptual Modeling. He also builds, with the help of colleagues, software artifacts in the process of research, some of which include APSARA (to build conceptual designs of information with reuse of analysis patterns), ADAM (to automate domain modeling), IDAssist (to build systems integration solutions with enterprise integration patterns), and SASSY (to assess soft skills for IT professionals). He is actively engaged in understanding, improving and evaluating pedagogical practices for learning about enterprise integration, and currently leads a two-university, three-year project funded by the National Science Foundation. He currently serves as an Associate Editor for Information Systems Research, the premier MIS Journal, serves on the editorial board of Information Systems Research, and has served on the editorial board of MIS Quarterly and Journal of the AIS.

He holds a PhD in Management Information Systems from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is a member of AIS, ACM and IEEE. Prior to his academic career, he was a practicing Chartered Accountant in Mumbai, India. He received his Bachelor's degrees in Commerce and Law from the University of Mumbai. He also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Northern Illinois University.