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Joe Andraski

Collaborative Energizer LLC

Joe was the President and CEO of VICS (Voluntary Inter-Industry Commerce Solutions) Association for 8 years, having led the retail industry in the pursuit of item level RFID. He is now the Founder of the Collaborative Energizer LLC. His new company will specialize in collaborative business practices, change management, trust and supply chain technology. Considered to be a leader in the retail industry, he will dedicate himself to bringing value to profit, and non profit organizations.

Joe was the President and CEO of VICS (Voluntary Inter-Industry Commerce Solutions) Association for 8 years, having led the retail industry in the pursuit of item level RFID.

Prior to joining VICS Joe held several positions with Nabisco Foods Inc., to include VP of supply chain management, VP of customer marketing and VP of  national sales. He had been active with Grocery Manufacturers Association, serving as the chair for the logistics committee and was a member of the Efficient Consumer Response Operating committee. Upon leaving Nabisco , he  served as a Senior VP of OMI, Inc. a retail software provider, marketing  superior retail software for 5 years.

In every position Joe has delivered significant value as evidenced by the success of each organization, measured in increased sales, improvements in operations effectiveness and efficiency.  When benchmarked against the leading retail manufacturing companies by Cleveland Consulting and Michael Hammer Consulting, Nabisco was lauded for customer service, advancements in leading edge supply chain technology and in operational systems and business practices.

An experienced veteran of change management, he led the Nabisco Sales organization through a major change management initiative, successfully reducing head count by 50% and reducing sales expense, as a percent of sales, from 12% to under 6%, at the same time exceeding forecasted sales. Marketing expenses delivered substantially higher performance levels, as a result of collaborative planning with Sales and Marketing.

A visionary, Joe is considered to be the father of Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment.  Under his leadership CPFR® is now a common business practice found around the world. He developed the VICS CPFR Certification Program that has been delivered to commercial and military entities. CPFR has contributed to proven gains in sales, reduced expense, improved customer service, with less inventory.

His most recent success has been the development of the VICS Item Level RFID Initiative. This technology/business process is expected to deliver greater value that EDI and the Bar Code combined. Joe is currently leading an industry movement of over 200 companies that are working on communications, the business case and the getting started committee. This committee, made up of retail leaders will develop the technology and business processes that will deliver on the promise of substantially increased sales and efficiency never before achieved in the retail industry. Joe has been and continues to be a prime mover in VILRI!!!

He is considered to be among the retail industry thought leaders and his work has been recognized:

  • a commendation from Michigan State University;
  • named Logistician of the year by Penn State University
  • received the Salzburg Leadership Award from Syracuse University
  • the Frank O’Hara Alumni Award for Management by the University of Scranton,
  • the Distinguished Service Award from the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)
  • VICS Roger Milliken Career Achievement Award.
  • DC Velocity Thought Leader Award 2008

Of all his accomplishments he is most proud of the teams he has built over time and the success of those who were part of the organizations he led.  There is a cadre of those he has mentored who have achieved significant success in their chosen field of endeavor.  He is also proud of his daughters, who have college degrees, two who are nurses and another is a successful entrepreneur.

He graduated cum laude from the University of Scranton, serving as President of the student council.

Joe continues to serve those in need as the Chairman of the Board of the Pregnancy Aid and Information Center (PA&IC). This unique, nonprofit organization provides food, clothing, and all that is necessary for mothers who are in need.  PA&IC is staffed with committed volunteers who serve the community with donations as the only source of financial support. Joe has held this position for 20 years and serves with pride and great satisfaction; He is a DAV, having served proudly in the US Army.

Joe and his wife Regina reside in Pennsylvania and are the proud parents of three daughters and 6 grandchildren.