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Jason Lewis

Management Consultant

Jason Lewis is a management consultant and facilitator who specializes in change, leadership and learning.

As a consultant Jason works with energy and pharmaceutical firms to implement organizational change that gets results. At Suncor Energy he worked with an award-winning team on a 1,200 person facilities move. He has also worked on HR Audits, Position Descriptions, Competency Development, Instructional/Syllabus Design and marketing/communications.

For the past nine years he has led simulations for admirals, executives, professors and managers. He has also designed, developed and delivered management and leadership training for a variety of industries including energy, pharmaceuticals and the military. In addition to Change Management he has facilitated sessions on communication, teamwork, innovation and strategy.

Jason received his Master’s degree in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University in 2007. His thesis investigated the impact of Improvisational theatre techniques on team performance. He has been published in Training and Development magazine and Training Media Review.

His clients include ExxonMobil, GE Healthcare, Suncor, Haliburton and Microsoft.