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Richard Buchanan

Richard Buchanan is a managing vice president in Gartner’s Business of IT Research Division, where he leads a veteran architecture practice team that focuses on thought leadership and client care. He specializes in enterprise architecture, business and IT strategy, and enterprise portfolio management. Mr. Buchanan is one of Gartner’s most sought-after speakers and workshop facilitators for companies around the world.

With 20 years of experience as a practitioner and consultant to Global 2000 companies, Mr. Buchanan has published research on topics as diverse as enterprise architecture and portfolio management, integrated logistics, electronic commerce, service-oriented and model-driven architecture, competitive intelligence, holistic security, corporate governance and total quality management.

Mr. Buchanan joined Gartner in April 2005 with the acquisition of META Group, where he founded the Enterprise Planning and Architecture Strategies Service and advised public sector and private organizations on strategic planning, competitive intelligence, market research, benchmarking, scenario planning and competitive war gaming. He was formerly an analyst at Forrester Research. Before that, Mr. Buchanan was with Digital Equipment Corporation, where he managed product development research and competitive intelligence activities and was a key member of the Global Strategy planning team. In his earlier experience at General Dynamics Corporation, Mr. Buchanan was part of the naval architecture team, responsible for quality management during production.