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Two-Day Learn-Sharing Modules and B-Studio

The series of  Learn-Sharing Modules is delivered live and tailored to the architectural profession. Subject-matter experts lead very interactive, very innovative modules in face-to-face sessions in the following subject matter areas:

Note: Participants may earn learning unit hours (LUs) upon completion.

    Business Charrette Studio - The studio environment is familiar to all architects as designers. We modified this studio approach and applied business acumen to enable the participants to capture and exchange business information in a familiar environment. This capstone session includes:

    • Pre-Attendance Preparation
    • Theme and Focus Areas
    • Business Charrette
    • Team Empathy to Ideation, Think to Decision, Test to Implement
    • Group Presentations and Jury Review

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    Program Delivery

    This program can be conducted at the Penn State University Park campus in State College, Pennsylvania, or at a location flexible to your needs.


    Custom program fees are based on a variety of factors, including  level of customization, class size, breadth of faculty, delivery location, and amenities provided.

    To speak with someone about this custom program for your organization, connect with us.