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Strategic Leadership

Program Objectives

Strategic Leadership provides senior leaders with the strategic and leadership perspective to lead transformational change within the organization. Learn how to assess your competitive environment, determine opportunity, and enhance organizational capability to innovate and impact performance.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for those charged with creating and implementing strategy and developing organizational capability. It is ideal for those with functional and general management responsibilities who seek to enhance their strategic leadership effectiveness. The participant may or may not have direct reports but is in a position of strategic influence in the enterprise or business unit. This course is an option for those pursuing a Leadership Certificate in Strategy and Organizational Performance.

Note to Government Professionals:  This program fulfills much of the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) required for Senior Executive Service.

Program Benefits

Strategic Leadership prepares you to effectively deal with the multi-faceted complexities of leading today’s organizations. Specifically, you will improve your ability to:

  • Critically assess and respond to the changing environment and marketplace
  • Develop a strategic roadmap that aligns your unit's strategy with the enterprise
  • Apply critical thinking to test innovation and strategic initiatives
  • Assess your organizational culture and the propensity for change
  • Communicate, motivate, and empower to lead organizational change

Program Content

Faculty leaders will have you step back and take a global view of your organization where you will confront the external factors affecting the business and identify opportunities for innovation. Then you will create a strategic roadmap that engages your teams for successful execution.

“This program helped me to start to think outside the box and learn the concept of continual product/process development (momentum), as well as leadership styles and when and how to use them.”
Nabeel Sarwani, M.D., Assistant Professor of Radiology and Director, Body MRI Penn State Hershey Medical Center

Strategic Leadership

  • Assessing the external environment
  • Setting direction for your organization
  • Leading innovation and determining strategy
  • Managing cycles of change
  • Encouraging flexibility and creativity

Enhancing People Systems

  • Team-building methods

Implementing Change

  • Understanding your organizational environment and readiness for change
  • Translating strategic intent into action
  • Enhancing leadership effectiveness through better communication

Performance Measures

  • Creating value
  • Aligning goals for enhancing performance

Value Created for You and Your Company

Organizational Assessment

What's your organizational DNA? Through an exclusive tool that uses current data provided by your colleagues, you receive a candid, objective assessment of your current organizational and leadership environment.  The Strategy, Leadership, Culture Questionnaire (SLCQ) is a simple but powerful process that measures 18 critical dimensions of organizational effectiveness.

Strategic Roadmap

You will create a strategic roadmap for your unit addressing market trends and plans for innovation and implementation.

Faculty Leaders

A premier faculty group, including a Top 10 leadership coach, will provide models and frameworks to help you transform vision into and action plan for results.

Faculty Director

Dr. Albert A. Vicere, Executive Education Professor of Strategic Leadership, Smeal College of Business, Penn State

Faculty Leaders

Ms. Maria W. Taylor, Managing Director of Executive Programs, Smeal College of Business, Penn State

Dr. Elizabeth Weldon
, Professor of Management, Leader Capabilities Consulting


The program fee of $4,750 includes all instructional materials, private room accommodations, meals, and access to recreational facilities.

Active military personnel, PSU alumni, and teams of three or more attending this program from one company are eligible for a 20% program discount. 


Our enrollment coordinator will be happy to hold a seat for you in this program. A reservation does not commit you to the program until you submit the registration form online. Please call 814-865-3435. Active military personnel, PSU alumni, and teams of three or more attending this program from one company are eligible for a 20% program discount. 

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Program Downloads
Strategic Leadership PDF
Program Dates
March 21 - 23, 2017
Executive Education Center, University Park Campus