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Marine Corps Logistics Education Program (MCLEP)

Penn State Executive Programs has been supporting the logistics communities of the US military since 1998. We feel extremely fortunate and look back with pride on what we have accomplished with the US Army, US Navy, US TRANSCOM/DLA, and in particular our extraordinary partnership with the US Marine Corps in the development and delivery of the Marine Corps Logistics Education Program (MCLEP).

MCLEP was a two-week program held twice a year at Penn State's main campus. Top PSU faculty coordinated and presented professional academic research buttressed by industry's firsthand knowledge of success and failure to expose the students to both proven and emerging civilian industry best practices. The curriculum focused on the integration of inventory management, transportation and distribution, order management, and maintenance within effective logistics chain management strategies. The ultimate mission was to enhance the effectiveness of commanders, executive-level logistics managers and staff at the service, component, joint, and Marine Expeditionary Force levels, and Marine Air-Ground Task Force members operating in a joint environment.

Periodic implications discussions throughout the course, facilitated by the School of Marine Air-Ground Task Force Logistics staff from Marine Corps University, provided the link to Marine Corps and Department of Defense issues and concerns. In one of the most valuable portions of the program, small teams completed case studies that required the intelligent application of newly learned supply chain management principles. The interaction among team members yields some of the most enduring learning points.

MCLEP exposed logisticians to leading edge concepts and enjoyed a strong reputation among other services and agencies. In an effort to optimize the learning environment, MCLEP included students from the Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP), the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) Program, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), U.S Army, and other government agencies and organizations.

“Such education and training,” says General Richard L. Kelly, Deputy Commandant, Installations and Logistics for the Marines, “has helped the Corps build a strong cadre of professional logisticians with up-to-the-minute skills who are making logistics modernization a reality.”

MCLEP was last delivered at Penn State June 2011. Its sister program, a week-long non-resident version, was delivered at Camp Pendleton, CA the following August, closing a chapter in a 13 year success story.

For questions pertaining to MCLEP and other Penn State learning opportunities currently available to US Marine Corps personnel, please contact:

CAPT Christina Felkins, C.R.
Logistics Policy & Capabilities Branch (LPC-3) Training and Education (MCLOG)
US Marine Corps Pentagon
571-256-7132 (DSN 260)

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