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Custom Programs for Firms

Penn State can help you build a critical mass of supply chain leaders who are aligned in their behaviors and approaches. A custom program  accommodates a cohort of your staff at a location flexible to your requirement. Investing in the Business Acumen for Architects program is a strategic enabler for architectural firms. It builds and sustains value in two distinct ways.

First, the need for a more complete understanding and application of general business acumen by architects is a necessary investment. Through the Business Acumen for Architects program, firms will begin to close the business leadership gap, become more competitive, extend strategic sustainability and subsequently be able to pass on their firm’s legacy.

Second, firms across the globe are facing the herculean task of developing young leaders to replace seasoned leaders soon to move on.  In addition, there is a certain need in preserving knowledge and preventing expertise from being lost through the turnover of key staff as well.  Two key elements that contribute to the value of an organization – People and Information.

This value-enhancing delivery method presents business subject matter in innovative ways while at the same time recognizing the critical need to groom the next generation of firm leaders.