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Business Acumen for Architects

There is a “Business to Architecture and an Architecture to Business.” Both are constantly evolving. Both apply a specific yet creative kind of design. Both have a direct impact on society. Both involve commerce. Put another way: Change, Planning, People, and Finance are what architecture and business are about. These basic elements require the most of firm leaders and managers as they look to the future for new and innovative ways to lead and to compete.

Penn State Executive Programs is an approved provider to the American Institute of Architects' Continuing Education System.

Penn State recognizes the needs of the architect from a business perspective. And we understand the business of architecture. Our teams, our research, our tools, and our techniques enable us to integrate appropriate learn-sharing modules and business studio topics resulting in an experience that is applicable, relevant, and focused. In the end, there is a tangible outcome that brings sustaining value to you, the firm and the profession.

The Business Acumen for Architects program from Penn State is delivered as a "custom" development opportunity for individual organizations.

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