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Business Charrette Studio (B-Studio)

The intention behind the B-Studio is to immerse the participants in business-related topics specific to the architecture profession and to expose each participant to learn-sharing or introduce a new skill they can readily apply once back in their work environment. The combination of learn-sharing (classroom) with B-Studio (hands-on) enables the participant to learn and apply their newly acquired knowledge immediately.

The B-Studio is comprised of the following elements:

  • Pre-Attendance Preparation
  • Theme and Focus Areas
  • Business Charrette
  • Team Empathy to Ideation, Think to Decision, Test to Implement
  • Group Presentations and Jury Review

Prior to program start, a prep-phase will be conducted to ascertain the specific profile of the participants (i.e., level of experience, firm size, position, role and function, typical project type, etc.) and their specific expectations or needs. This information will be used to specifically tailor the B-Studio agenda to maximize a common effort of the teams, time on a particular topic, acquisition of special simulations required, alignment of subject matter experts and content theme.

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