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Student Publications

Many of our students publish their research papers in top management journals, often in collaboration with faculty. We list here a selection of student papers published since 2009 to provide a sense of the breadth and depth of the knowledge creation by doctoral students in our program.


  • Pollock, T.G. & Lashley, K., 2014. Who Needs a Shrink When you Have Business Week?  Using Content Analysis to Get Inside the Heads of Entrepreneurs, VCs and Other Market Participants. In T. Baker and F. Welter (Eds.) The Routledge Companion to Entrepreneurship. Oxford, UK: Routledge: 423-438.
  • Spitzmuller, J., Sin, H.P., Howe, M., & Fatimah, S. 2015 (forthcoming) Investigating the Uniqueness and Usefulness of Proactive Personality Research in Organizational Research - A Meta-Analytic Review. Human Performance.
  • Hambrick, D.C., Misangyi, V.F., & Park, C. (forthcoming) The Quad Model for Identifying a Corporate Director's Potential for Effective Monitoring: Toward a New Theory of Board Sufficiency. Academy of Management Review.
  • Hambrick, D.C., Humphrey, S.E., & Gupta, A. 2014. Structural Interdependence Within Top Management Teams: A Key Moderator of Upper Echelons Predictions. Strategic Management Journal.


  • Gioia, D.A.; Patvardhan, S.; Hamilton, A.L. & Corley, K.G., 2013. Organizational identity formation and change. Academy of Management Annals.
  • Chin, M.K., D.C.Hambrick, & L.K. Trevino, 2013. Political Ideologies of CEO's:  Illustrative Evidence of the Influence of Executive Values on Corporate Social Responsibility, Administrative Science Quarterly.
  • Holehonnur, A. & Pollock, T.G. 2013.  Shoot for the Stars? Predicting the Recruitment of Prestigious Directors By Newly Public Firms. Academy of Management Journal.


  • Briscoe, F. & Murphy, C, 2012. Sleigh of Hand? Practice Opacity, Third-Party Responses, and the Interorganizational Diffusion of Controversial Practices. Administrative Science Quarterly, 57 (4): 553-584.
  • Nag, R. & Gioia, D.A., 2012.  From Common to Uncommon Knowledge: Foundations of Firm-Specific Use of Knowledge as a Resource. Academy of Management Journal.
  • Kim, K. & Tsai, W., 2012. Social Comparison Among Competing Firms. Strategic Management Journal, 33 (2): 115-136.
  • Quigley, T.J. & D.C. Hambrick, 2012. When the Former CEO Stays on as Board Chair:  Effects on Successor Discretion, Strategic Change, and Performance, Strategic Management Journal.
  • Chen, G. & D.C. Hambrick, 2012. CEO Replacement in Turnaround Situations: Executive (Mis)fit and Its Performance Implications, Organizational Science.


  • Corley, K.G. & Gioia, D.A., 2011. Building Theory About Theory Building: What constitutes a Theoretical Contribution? Academy of Management Review, 36: 12-32.
  • Crossland, C. & D.C. Hambrick, 2011. Differences in Managerial Discretion Across Countries:  How National-level Institutions Affect the Degree to Which CEOs Matter. Strategic Management Journal, 32 (8): 797-819.
  • Wowak, A.J., D.C. Hambrick, & A.D. Henderson, 2011. Do CEO's Encounter Within-Tenure "Settling up"? A Multiperiod Perspective on Executive Pay and Dismissal, Academy of Management Journal.
  • Chatterjee, A., & D.C. Hambrick, 2011. Executive Personality, Capability Cues, and Risk Taking: How Narcissistic CEOs React To Their Successes and Stumbles, Administrative Science Quarterly.
  • Gray, G. & Stites, J.P., 2011. In Search of Integrated Logics: Reframing the Climate Change Debate. Strategic Organization 9 (1):85:90.
  • Stites, J.P. & Michael, J.H., 2011. Organizational Commitment in Manufacturing Employees: Relationships with Corporate Social Performance. Business & Society 50(1):50-70.


  • Wowak, A. J., Hambrick, D. C., & Henderson, A. D., 2010. Do CEOs Encounter Within-Tenure 'Settling Up'? A Multiperiod Perspective on Executive Pay and Dismissal. Academy of Management Journal, 31(8): 803-821.
  • Clark, S.M.; Gioia, D.A.; Ketchen, D.J, Jr. & Thomas, J.B., 2010. Transitional Identity as a Facilitator of Organizational Identity Change During a Merger. Administrative Science Quarterly, 55: 397-438.
  • Gephart, J., Detert, J., Treviño, L.K. & Edmondson, A., 2010.  Silenced by Fear: The Nature, Sources, and Consequences of Fear at Work.  Research in Organizational Behavior 29: 163-193.
  • Gioia, D.A.; Price, K.N., Hamilton, A.L. & Thomas, J.B., 2010. Forging an Identity: An Insider-Outsider Study of Processes Involved in the Formation of Organizational Identity. Administrative Science Quarterly 55: 1-46.
  • Kish-Gephart, J. J., Harrison, D. A., & Treviño, L. K., 2010.  Bad Apples, Bad Cases, and Bad Barrels:  Meta-analytic Evidence About Sources of Unethical Decisions at Work.  Journal of Applied Psychology 95: 1-31.
  • Wowak, A. J., & Hambrick, D. C., 2010. A Model of Person-Pay Interaction: How Executives Vary in Their Responses to Compensation Arrangements. Strategic Management Journal 31(8): 803-821.
  • Pollock, T.G., Chen, G., Jackson, E.M. & Hambrick, D.C., 2010. How Much Prestige is Enough? Assessing the Value of Multiple Types of High-Status Affiliates for Young Firms.  Journal of Business Venturing, 25(1):6-23.


  • Brown, M.B. & Treviño, L.K., 2009. Leader-follower Values Congruence: Are Socialized Charismatic Leaders Better Able to Achieve It? Journal of Applied Psychology 94: 478-490.
  • Purdy, J. & Gray, B., 2009. Conflicting logics, Mechanisms of Diffusion and Multilevel Dynamics in Emerging Institutional Fields. Academy of Management Journal, 52 (2):  355-380.
  • Ren, H. & B. Gray, 2009. Repairing Relationship Conflict:  How Violation Types and Culture Determine Appropriate Restoration Rituals.  Academy of Management Review 34(1): 105-127.
  • Chen, G., L. Trevino, & D.C. Hambrick, 2009. CEO Elitest Association: Toward a New Understanding of an Executive Behavioral Pattern. Leadership Quarterly.
  • Pollock, T.G., Fund, B.R. & Baker, T., 2009. Dance With the One That Brought You? Venture Capital Firms and the Retention of Founder-CEOs. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 3:199-217.