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Program Overview

The goal of the Supply Chain and Information Systems (SC&IS) doctoral program is to develop outstanding scholars who will pursue distinguished careers in research and teaching at quality, research-oriented universities.

Supply Chain and Information Systems is a boundary-spanning primary field. The Supply Chain concentration includes topics such as: supply chain coordination and contracting, closed-loop supply chains and reverse logistics, procurement management, procurement auctions and market design, inventory management, production and distribution management, supply chain network design, and supply chain analytics. The Information Systems concentration provides a combination of contextual courses that build knowledge of modern information technologies and information systems analysis, design and implementation, and advanced seminars covering research topics in information systems.

From an interdisciplinary perspective, the diversity of processes within supply chain and information systems provides abundant opportunities for the application of a broad array of quantitative and qualitative research methods in complementary fields, such as statistics; operations research; industrial engineering; economics; financial management; risk management; management; marketing and civil engineering. Students have access to internationally known research centers and laboratories such as the Center for Supply Chain Research, Institute for the Study of Business Markets, and the Laboratory for Economics Management and Auctions, among others.