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Graduate Assistantship

Students admitted to the doctoral program in supply chain and information systems typically receive a graduate assistantship that includes a full tuition waiver and a monthly stipend. Continuation of the assistantship is subject to satisfactory progress in the program and is made available for a period of four academic years. Most assistantships are funded from budgetary resources within the Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems. However, in some instances, they are provided as part of the student's participation in externally funded research projects directed by individual faculty members, either independently or through various on-campus research centers and institutes. Also, a limited number of competitive scholarships and fellowships are sometimes available.

Assistantship assignments span research and teaching and play an integral role in the professional development process of the doctoral program. For a portion of the four years in the doctoral program, the student is assigned as a research assistant to a faculty member in the department. This relationship is intended to provide direct involvement in the design and conduct of research projects, and in submission of the results of such projects for presentation at major professional meetings, and publication in top-tier journals. The relationship serves as a vehicle for acquiring proficiency in research skills and methods through hands-on experience. Co-authored papers that win acceptance for presentation at professional meetings, and publication in quality journals, are beneficial for the career progress of both the student and the faculty member.

In addition to involvement in research, the graduate assistant is expected to gain experience through involvement in teaching assistantship activities. Initially, the student assists a faculty member with course development and instructional delivery. After obtaining sufficient skill, the student may be provided with the opportunity to teach his/her own course.