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Ph.D. in Business Administration - Management and Organization

Program Overview

The Management & Organization Ph.D. program aims to develop scholars who will become faculty members at the world’s top business schools – scholars who will contribute to the advancement of knowledge through leading-edge research that changes the way people think about organizations and their management. During their five year residency, doctoral students become scholars via coursework, involvement in research projects, and close mentor-protégé relationships with our faculty. Our doctoral program is uniquely positioned to prepare students to conduct research and advance management knowledge because many of the members of our faculty are world-renowned researchers who engage closely with doctoral students in research across a wide array of contemporary management issues.

Collegial relationships and faculty/doctoral student coauthored research that is published in the very best management journals are hallmarks of our program. In the most recent productivity rankings, our M&O Department ranked in the top 5 most productive departments in all of the United States or Canada, based on publications in the top management journals by our faculty and Ph.D. students during the previous four years (Texas A&M/Florida Rankings). Since 2005 we have been ranked No. 1 or No. 2 on multiple occasions. Three M&O faculty members are elected Fellows of the Academy of Management and one of them (Don Hambrick) is currently Dean of the Fellows. Furthermore, all of our senior faculty members and many of the junior faculty are members of the editorial boards of the elite journals in our field; several are also current or past journal editors or associate editors.

Our doctoral program is noted for its demanding, but supportive work environment. Although we provide a relatively structured curriculum during the first year, our doctoral students are expected to be highly motivated self-starters who work with us to achieve program goals and to produce high quality research. They are also expected to contribute to a community where faculty and students support each others’ pursuit of excellent scholarship. Importantly, assuming good progress in the doctoral program, students receive financial support for their full five years of study.

The doctoral program emphasizes scholarly development through faculty-student research relationships that begin immediately upon entering the program and continue throughout the five years. In the first semester, the M&O Ph.D. program coordinator assigns doctoral students as research assistants to faculty based upon mutual interests and the opportunities to learn research skills. In subsequent years, we encourage students to work with multiple faculty members and with each other as they develop their own research interests. If you are considering applying to the doctoral program, it is important to learn about faculty research interests and how they align with your own.

In terms of coursework, our students begin the program by being exposed to a wide range of management literature, research methods, and socialization to the professoriate. We pride ourselves in the broad training we provide our students who become conversant in the major areas of management and multiple research methods. Every student takes seminars in Organizational Behavior, Organizational Theory, Strategic Management, Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods, Statistics, Advanced Analytical Skills and a Colloquium that prepares students for academic life. After the first year, students take a comprehensive exam that covers the content of the first year core seminars. Students then begin to specialize by getting even more involved in research and by taking elective seminars in the department and courses in a supporting field, taken inside or outside the college. For example, students in organizational behavior can take courses in the highly ranked program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology in the Department of Psychology in Penn State's College of Liberal Arts.

Doctoral students also have the opportunity to develop effective teaching skills by working with faculty mentors and by teaching one course per year in their second and third program years. As result, our students are well prepared to conduct high quality research and to excel in the classroom when, after graduating, they become assistant professors at prominent business schools. Recent graduates of our department are now at business schools such as the University of Texas, the University of Illinois, Arizona State University and Texas A&M University, among others.