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Accounting Ph.D. Placements

Accounting: Academic Placements

Accounting Doctoral Degree Graduates total 154 from 1967 to 2014.  The Accounting doctoral graduates for the last five years are listed below by year of graduation with thesis title, committee, and initial placement.

KOHARKI, Kevin 2014

Thesis: Mandatory Disclosure Requirements and Rating Agency Catering: A Study of the Rule Changes for Qualified Special Purpose Entities


Initial Placement:Washington University, St. Louis




Initial Placement:University of Arizona

FLASHER, Renee 2013

Thesis: Impact of a Home-Country Regulator on Public Company Accounting Oversight Board Inspections for Foreign Accounting Firms

Committee: Huddart (Chair), Du, Qu, Crocker (Risk Management)

Initial Placement: Ball State University

HOFFMAN, Patrick 2013

Thesis: Does Audit Regulation Stifle Misreporting? The Case of the Hedge Fund Industry

Committee: Barron (Chair), Givoly, Green, Simin (Finance)

Initial Placement: Purdue University

RHODES, Adrienne 2013

Thesis: The Relationship Between the use of Accounting Measures in Debt and Incentives Contracts

Committee: Huddart (Chair), Dirsmith, Du, Ghosh (Statistics)

Initial Placement: Texas A&M University

WATSON, V. Luke 2013

Thesis: Executive Overconfidence and Financial Reporting of Unrecognized Tax Benefits

Committee: Muller (Chair), Givoly, Laux, Thompson (Law), Handlon (MIT)

Initial Placement: University of Florida

BONSALL, Sam 2012

Thesis: The Informational Effect of Firm-Funded Certification: Evidence from the Bond Rating Agencies

Committee: Fischer and Muller (Co-Chairs), Barron, Givoly, Huang (Finance)

Initial Placement: Ohio State University

SCHENCK, Kristy 2012


Committee: Givoly (Chair), Gong, Fischer, Crocker (Risk Managment)

Initial Placement: Bucknell University

PENN, Michael 2012

Thesis: Read All About It: Do Auditors Respond to Press Visibility?

Committee: Barron (Chair), Dirsmith, Givoly, Green, Dardis (AD PR)

Initial Placement: Florida State University

SINCLAIR, James 2011

Thesis: Past Performance and Changes in Local Bias

Committee: Muller (Chair), Fischer, Givoly, Upneja (HRRM)

Initial Placement: University of Connecticut

BOZANIC, Zahn 2011

Thesis: The Role of Accounting-based Financial Covenants in Preventing Defaults of Public Debt

Committee: Fischer and Muller (Co-Chairs), Barron, Givoly, Reilly (Law)

Initial Placement: Ohio State University

VINCENT, James 2010

Thesis: The Effect of Earnings Announcements on Trading Outcomes for Different Investor Classes

Committee: Barron (Chair), Fischer, McKeown, Muller, Upneja (HRRM)

Initial Placement: University of Florida

SOUZA, Janet 2010

Thesis: Differences in Selection and Manipulation of Alternate Performance Pricing Measures

Committee: McKeown (Chair), Ke, Sun, Helwege (Finance)

Initial Placement: University of Memphis