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Our Brand

Together, we are all ambassadors for the Penn State Smeal College of Business brand. Discover ways that you can help to strengthen that brand.

Stories of student achievement, innovative teaching, award-winning research, alumni engagement, and countless other aspects of the Smeal experience influence perceptions of the college and the value of your degree. In turn, your accomplishments as a Smeal graduate continuously strengthen the foundation of one of the largest business schools in the nation.

Together, we are all ambassadors for the Smeal brand. You can help to strengthen that brand.

Stay Informed and Spread the Word

  • News from Smeal: Catch up with a specific academic department or a program to discover the latest developments in the places that interest you most.
  • Timeline 2010-2011: Explore the events from the last academic year. The college hosted signature events, welcomed top executive speakers, won accolades, was ranked No. 1 in multiple areas, and more.

Get Involved

You can take steps via the links on the left to get involved and make a difference at Penn State and Smeal.