Expanding your capabilities and advancing your career as part of an online program with the nation's No. 1 supply chain institution.

Program Goals

Learning Goals

The Master of Professional Studies in Supply Chain Management curriculum is designed for students to achieve several supply chain management and general business management learning goals. Our graduates will be able to:

  • Apply supply chain analytics to improve operational effectiveness and/or make the supply chain a source of competitive advantage.
  • Apply the SCOR model (plan, source, make, deliver, and return) to describe, analyze and improve a supply/selling/service chain.
  • Comprehensively plan for supply chain transformation from purely domestic to global supply chain transformation.
  • Conduct business with suppliers and customers, and manage internal operations, in an ethical, legal manner.
  • Write a proposal for action or change in an organization and write an analytic or recommendation support.

Learning Process Goals

In this online program, we will explore a new understanding of the supply chain. You will achieve our Program Learning Goals and graduate with a new set of skills that will help you manage today's complex supply chains while building stakeholder value. Explore our learning process goals below:

  • Offer an interdisciplinary curriculum for working professionals who want to earn a graduate degree in Supply Chain Management from a top-ranked school, while continuing their employment.
  • Offer a well-balanced, unified, and comprehensive program, including a culminating experience focused on proposing a research question, accomplishing a study, and writing a high-quality research paper. Students are encouraged to develop a research topic in consultation with senior managers in their place of employment.
  • Stress practical application of knowledge and analysis techniques that are grounded in both best practices and research in supply chain management.
  • Implement emerging online education technology to foster a high degree of meaningful student-faculty and student-student interaction conducive to student achievement of course learning objectives and program learning goals.