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First Year

The first year of the Penn State Smeal MBA Program is divided into four modules of seven weeks each. One-week immersion experiences are positioned between the first and second modules in the fall and the third and fourth modules in the spring.


The first year begins with an intensive two-week program designed to help you prepare for your future in the program.

Fall: Module 1

Financial Accounting
Leadership Communications
Team Processes and Performance

    In the News: "What's unique about Smeal is the career focus right away. We do a lot of work in preparation to face recruiters. That first interaction could happen as early as the first week of classes." --Matthew Marshall, Class of 2014, Penn State Smeal MBA Program

    Career Immersion

    Workshops, individualized coaching and mentoring sessions, and opportunities for alumni and executive interaction.

    Fall: Module 2

    Leadership Communications
    Risk and Decisions

      Spring: Module 3

      Global Business Environment
      Global Perspectives
      Leadership Communications
      Managerial Accounting
      Supply Chain and Operations Management

        Global Immersion

        Visit a pivotal global business region. Past students have traveled to destinations such as Chile, China, the Czech Republic, India, and Turkey.

        Spring: Module 4

        Ethical Leadership
        Leadership Communications
        Strategic Management
        Concentration Introduction Courses

          Executive Panel

          Present your team’s business strategy to a panel of senior alumni and corporate partners in this first-year capstone case competition.

          Summer Internship

          Recruiters from a diverse array of companies annually turn to the Smeal MBA Program for intern talent.