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PREP Program

The Penn State Smeal MBA Professional Experience Program (PREP) is designed for students who are in their last year of undergraduate study and are interested in deferred admission to Smeal in the future.

A completed application, including GMAT score, will be required prior to completion of undergraduate study. As work experience is an essential factor to be competitive in the business school application process, candidates will be accepted with the understanding that they will acquire two years of experience before returning to school to enroll in the Smeal MBA Program at University Park.

PREP students will be paired with a mentor who will check in with them throughout the two year window to ensure they are on the right track and ready for the challenge of the MBA program. Students accepted to the PREP Program will be evaluated for merit-based financial aid during the year in which they are scheduled to matriculate.

If you are considering the PREP Program, please contact the admissions team at for more information and specific instructions on how to apply.