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Joint-Degree Options

Penn State offers three joint-degree opportunities in conjunction with the Penn State Smeal MBA Program.


Earn a law degree from Penn State Law, located at either the University Park campus or in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. This is a four-year program in which students typically begin the first year of study in law followed by a year in the MBA program. Year three is a combined year of study between the JD and MBA programs. Year four concludes the joint program with the final law classes. Students must apply to and be accepted to each program independently to pursue the joint degree. Law classes may be taken at University Park or Carlisle with MBA classes offered at University Park only.

Current MBAs in the JD/MBA Program

Mallory MeehanMallory Meehan
Class of 2014

Mallory graduated from Penn State in 2010 with her degree in marketing and a focus in finance. Her first summer after law school was spent interning with a social security/disability law firm, where she was able to work on cases and learn how a firm is run from a business perspective. This past summer, she interned at the Beaver County District Attorney's Office and the District Magistrate's Office, where she saw how criminal law was handled from the beginning processes to the ending verdicts. Mallory is interested in corporate real estate to leverage both her graduate degrees in business and the law.

Morgan RhinehartMorgan Rhinehart
Class of 2014

Morgan is a 2010 graduate of Susquehanna University, where she majored in finance and economics, and minored in information systems. Immediately following graduation, she started at the Penn State Dickinson School of Law. During her second year of law school, Morgan decided to join the JD/MBA program with the intent to work in corporate law. After her second year of law school, she worked in the Office of General Counsel at PPL Corporation and developed an interest in both energy and corporate regulation. Morgan plans to use both the JD and the MBA to pursue a career in energy regulation and hopes to eventually become in-house counsel for a corporation. Currently, she is the editor of the law school’s yearbook, an articles editor on the Penn State Law Review, and is continuing at PPL on a part-time basis, helping with Dodd-Frank regulatory issues.

Andrew FillmoreAndrew Fillmore
Class of 2015

Andrew is a 2009 graduate of the University of New Hampshire, where he received a bachelor of science degree in business administration with concentrations in management and marketing.  After graduating, he returned to his family’s business, a leading sand and aggregate supplier in New Hampshire, where he worked into a managerial operations role. Upon completion of his first year at Penn State Law, Andrew worked as a summer law clerk at the Hillsborough County Superior Court in New Hampshire, where he drafted judicial orders for multiple judges. He currently serves as the inter-school relations chair for the Student Bar Association and social chair for the John Reed Inn Chapter of Phi Delta Phi International Legal Honor Society. Andrew has also accepted an associate editor position with the Penn State Law Yearbook on Arbitration and Mediation. Andrew plans to use both the JD and the MBA to pursue a career in corporate law where he hopes to one day serve as in-house counsel for a Fortune 500 corporation.

Elizabeth RobinsonElizabeth Robinson
Class of 2015

Beth graduated in 2011 from the University of Michigan with a degree in economics and political science. Immediately after graduation, she enrolled in the Penn State Dickinson School of Law. Upon realizing that a deeper understanding of business would be helpful in her career, Beth joined the JD/MBA program. She hopes to find a field where she can utilize both of her degrees. In the past, she has interned with the Detroit Prosecutor's Office and the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.

Frank SourbeerFrank Sourbeer
Class of 2015

Frank is a 2008 graduate of Lehigh University where he majored in supply chain management. After graduation, Frank moved to Boston to work for Anheuser-Busch InBev where he worked in various capacities including marketing, operations, and sales. After completing his first year of law school, Frank held a brief internship with the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court. While broadening his career options, Frank firmly believes that the joint graduate degree program will prepare him for long-term success in the business world.

Science BS/MBA

Earn an undergraduate degree in science from the Penn State Eberly College of Science and then pair it with a Smeal MBA. The joint-degree program prepares highly qualified and motivated students to be the future leaders of the world's scientific organizations. Students apply to the Eberly BS degree program during their last year of high school and then to the MBA program during their final year of the undergraduate portion of the science program. Science BS/MBA students have the option of completing both degrees in either five or six years, depending on how they tailor their course of study and co-op experiences.

Current MBAs in the BS/MBA Program

Yasar AwanYasar Awan
Class of 2014
Why Yasar chose the Science BS/MBA Program:
"I chose the BS/MBA program because the structure of the program allowed me to customize my education exactly how I wanted. I was able to pursue my interest in biology by completing my undergraduate degree in science, as well as pursue my interests in business through the MBA portion of the program. Through Penn State’s vast co-op program, professional experience was easy to attain in Fortune 50 companies. Together, these degrees have put me in a unique position to leverage my interests in the healthcare industry as well as many other industries, given a background that many MBA’s do not possess."

Emily GalliEmily Galli
Class of 2014
Why Emily chose the Science BS/MBA Program: "The BS/MBA program provides me with the unique opportunity to pursue my interests in a science-based curriculum while also affording me the ability to advance my business acumen.  This well-rounded educational background is not only practical, but is also invaluable to any science career path."

Lynn NguyenLynn Nguyen
Class of 2014
Why Lynn chose the Science BS/MBA Program:
"When choosing undergraduate academic programs, I was torn between two of my passions: science and business. The BS/MBA Program offered me a great opportunity to pursue both of these interests. This program has allowed me the flexibility to pursue two completely different fields, and at the same time, gain valuable work experience within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. The BS/MBA program has equipped me with a unique combination of both technical and business-related skills, which I plan to fully utilize in my future career path."

Lindsay ResnickLindsay Resnick
Class of 2014
Why Lindsay chose the Science BS/MBA Program:
"I chose the Science BS/MBA Program because it allowed me to combine my two academic interests in mathematics and business. Between the required curriculum and my co-op and internship experiences at Bristol-Myers Squibb and Airgas, Inc., the program has provided me with the necessary tools to succeed in a competitive job market."

T.J. ClarkeThomas Clarke
Class of 2015
Why Thomas chose the Science BS/MBA Program:
“The Science BS/MBA Program has afforded me the unique opportunity to combine my interests in both statistics and business. I believe the science and statistics foundation complements the MBA and provides me with the analytical, problem solving, and business skills needed throughout all industries. The required internships and co-ops also gives us the real world, professional experience needed to remain competitive in today’s challenging job market.”

Jessica CunningJessica Cunning
Class of 2015
Why Jessica chose the Science BS/MBA Program:
"The BS/MBA program has provided me with the opportunity to advance my business and science education simultaneously, which is something invaluable to me as I strive to work in the healthcare industry. Because of this program, I will have the leeway and educational tools to explore careers in multiple fields, ranging from starting a business or medical practice to being the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. I believe that this program will be extremely beneficial in developing my leadership skills and preparing me for my future career."

David DefeliceDavid DeFelice
Class of 2015
Why David chose the Science BS/MBA Program:
"I have always had a passion for exploring and understanding the world around me. At the same time, I enjoy working with people to solve complex problems with a tangible impact. Ultimately, I realized a career in business with a scientific focus was the best way to blend both of my interests into a focused plan for my future. The BS/MBA program has aided me by providing opportunities to accelerate my education, receive relevant internship and co-op experiences, and gain access to an incredible network and community of mentors."

Jeannie EstockJeannie Estock
Class of 2015
Why Jeannie chose the Science BS/MBA Program:
“I chose the Science BS/MBA Program because it allowed me to pursue my interests in biology and combine them with a degree in business administration. With its knowledgeable staff, the BS/MBA Program has put me in touch with multiple career opportunities with Bristol-Myers Squibb and KCF Technologies. This program has given me the tools necessary to be competitive in the job market.”

Peter GreensmithPeter Greensmith
Class of 2015
Why Peter chose the Science BS/MBA Program:
"I decided on the BS/MBA program at Penn State because I had a strong interest in both science and business coming into school. The program allowed for greater flexibility in what I wished to study and really has opened doors that I wouldn't have recognized without the resources available to us in the BS/MBA community. I feel that the educational foundation provided by this program has really prepared me for a promising career path moving forward."

Drew RattiganDrew Rattigan
Class of 2015
Why Drew chose the Science BS/MBA Program:
“I chose the BS/MBA program because I had a passion for science throughout high school, but I knew that research and medicine related careers weren’t the right fit for me. This program has allowed me to incorporate my passion for science with my interest in business.  The BS/MBA program has provided me with a well-rounded education as well as the necessary tools and resources to make me a competitive candidate in the pharmaceutical job market upon graduation.”


The Medical Degree/Master of Business Administration (MD/MBA) joint degree is designed to fulfill a growing demand in managers and leaders who understand both the scientific part of an industry and the business models driving that industry. The joint degree provides highly motivated students the opportunity to combine a medical degree from the Penn State College of Medicine with an MBA Smeal. Candidates must apply to and meet admission requirements for both the College of Medicine and Smeal separately. Students already enrolled in the MD program may apply to the MD/MBA during the first three years of study by applying for admission to Smeal.

Current MBAs in the MD/MBA Program

Alison ThompsonAlison Thompson
Class of 2015

Alison graduated from Wittenberg University in 2010 with degrees in biology and chemistry. With her strong science background and passion for helping others, she elected to pursue a career as a physician and enrolled at the Penn State College of Medicine. As she recognized her evolving career ambitions in her third year of medical school, Alison decided that a MBA would greatly enhance her knowledge and skill set in order to achieve her future goals. The Penn State Smeal College of Business was a clear choice. She hopes to gain a foundation in business fundamentals and looks forward to seeing how the "other side of medicine" operates. Overall, she believes the MD/MBA dual degree program at Penn State provides an opportunity to augment her development as a future leader in the medical field and to focus on the business aspects of medicine that get little exposure during the four years of medical school.

In the News: "There's a huge value in teamwork in medicine, and learning the science of teams and how they work has been incredibly enlightening. Also, learning and thinking about leadership issues from a business perspective has provided me a completely different way of thinking." --Alison Thompson, Class of 2015, Penn State Smeal MBA Program