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The opportunity to apply to the One-Year MAcc Program begins in August of the undergraduate senior year. Offers of admission are conditional upon satisfactory completion of remaining undergraduate course work (including course work equivalent to a specified sequence of Penn State undergraduate accounting courses) and obtaining a bachelor's degree before entering the One-Year MAcc Program.

The One-Year MAcc Program is only offered in a traditional, face-to-face, daytime classroom setting. Students can only begin the program during the fall semesters and cannot study part-time. The program is not offered online.

Preparing for the One-Year Program

The One-Year MAcc Program provides a point of entry to the accounting profession for students from a wide range of academic backgrounds. While reaching the 150-hour requirement will meet the licensure requirements for any jurisdiction in the U.S., each jurisdiction additionally prescribes minimum credit-hours in specified subject areas. The credit hours and perquisite courses provided by the Smeal One-Year MAcc Program fulfill the licensing requirement for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and many other states. *

The following Penn State courses (or their equivalents at another institution) are prerequisites for the One-Year MAcc Program:

As part of the admission process, the Accounting Department will evaluate the applicant's completed and planned course work to ensure that it satisfies the One-Year Program's prerequisites. Applicants to the program must present a plan for obtaining the course work in accounting that constitutes the prerequisites for required MAcc courses.

One way to obtain the One-Year MAcc Program prerequisite coursework is to enroll in Penn State summer session offerings. Penn State's Smeal College of Business offers the entire suite of One-Year MAcc Program accounting course prerequisites over Summer Session 1 (mid-May to end of June) and Summer Session 2 (end of June to mid-August) on the University Park campus. This way, most college graduates can obtain the One-Year MAcc Program prerequisite coursework by enrolling in Penn State summer session offerings.

* Please note that jurisdictional requirements are subject to change.


Tuition for the Class of 2016 is $32,500.

Textbooks and supplies are additional costs to be paid by the student.

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to accept an offer of admission to the One-Year MAcc Program. This deposit will go toward your fall tuition payment.

Tuition payment due dates are listed on the Bursar's schedule. Fall tuition is due in August, spring tuition is due in December, and summer tuition is due in May.