Working Papers

IRES Working Papers
Title Author(s) Download
#26 "Urban Economic Base as a Catalyst for Movements in Real Estate Prices" Coulson, Liu, Villupuram Download
#25 "What Can We Learn from Hedonic Models When Housing Markets are Dominated by Foreclosures?" Coulson, Zabel Download
#24 "Real Estate Risk and Hedge Fund Returns" Ambrose, Cao, D'Lima Download
#23 "Counterparty Risk and Capital Structure Ambrose, Emmerling, Huang, Yildirim Download
#22 "The Repeat Rent Index" Ambrose, Coulson, Yoshida Download
#21 "The Subprime Virus" Agarwal, Ambrose, Yildirim Download
#20 "Spillover Effects of Subprime Mortgage Originations"
Ambrose and Diop Download
#19 "Structure and Tenure" Coulson and Fisher Download
#18 "Mobility and Mortgages Evidence from the PSID' Coulson and Grieco Download
#17 "Do House Prices Impact Business Starts?" Balasubramanyan and Coulson Download
"Mortgage Brokers, Origination Fees, and Competition"
Ambrose and Conklin
"Which 'Greenness' is Valued? Evidence from Green Condominiums in Tokyo"
Yoshida, Jiro and Sugiura, Ayako
#14 "The Term Structure of Lease Rates with Endogenous Default Triggers and Tenant Capital Structure:  Theory and Evidence" Abrose, B.W., Agarwal, S., Huang, H. and Yildirim, Y. Download
#13 "House Price Index Methodologies" Coulson, N.E. Download
#12 "Temporal and Ethnic Decompositions of Homeownership Rates: Synthetic Cohorts Across Five Censuses" Coulson, N.E. Download
#11 "The Homebuilding Industry" Ambrose, B.W. Download
#10 "Fallen Angels and Price Pressure" Ambrose, B.W., K. Cai, and J. Helwege
#9 "The Adjustable Balance Mortgage:  Reducing the Value of the Put" Ambrose, B.W., and R.J. Buttimer, Jr. Download
#8 “Stock Market Information and REIT Earnings Management.” Ambrose, B.W., and Bian, X., Download
#7 “The Role of Soft Information in a Dynamic Contract Setting: Evidence from the Home Equity Market.” S. Agrawal, B.W. Ambrose, S. Chomsisengphet, and C. Liu, Download
#6 “Does It Pay to Read Your Junk Mail? Evidence of the Effect of Advertising on Home Equity Decisions.” Agarwal, S.and B.W. Ambrose
#5 "House Prices and Fundamentals"  355 Years of Evidence" Ambrose, B.W., P. Eichholtz, and T. Lindenthal
#4 "CMBS Special Services and Adverse Selections in Commercial Mortgage Markets:  Theory and Evidence" Ambrose, B.W., A. Sanders, and A. Yavas
#3 "Homeowner Tax Preferences and the Alternative Minimum Tax:  The Inequities of a Parallel Tax System" Ambrose, B.W., D.C. Ling, and G.A. McGill
#2 "Secured Debt and Corporate Performance"  Evidence From REITs" Ambrose, B.W., S. Bonds and J. Ooi
#1 "Subprime Lending and Default:  The Impact of Loan Concentration" Ambrose, B.W.