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Faculty, Staff, and Administrators

Penn State and the Smeal College of Business offer resources to support you in the classroom, in your research, and in your office.

Resources for Recruitment and Orientation

As you recruit prospective members—new students and employees, and even alumni—to the Smeal community, we urge you to discuss the Honor Code (PDF), as well as our commitment to aspire to the highest ethical standards and to hold each other accountable to them. During the recruitment process, you should share specific examples how your program or department promotes integrity and ethical behavior. You should also identify opportunities to ask prospective members to share a time when they experienced an ethical dilemma. How did they handle it? What would they do differently in the future? To prepare for these conversations, you may want to review the article, Can You Interview for Integrity? by William C. Byham, or the article, How to Interview to Uncover a Candidate’s Ethical Standards by Dona Dezube. You may also contact the Honor and Integrity Director to request assistance with your upcoming orientation program.

Resources for the Classroom

Whether you teach undergraduate or graduate students, in small classrooms, in large lecture halls, or even online, there are a number of ways that faculty can promote academic integrity and ethical behavior.

Resources for Research

From choosing your co-authors and starting a study to publishing an article, there are a number of ethical decisions that researchers need to consider. The University offers a wide-range of resources for you to use throughout the research process.

Resources for the Office

Whether you are from an office of one or a team of 20, there are opportunities for you to strengthen your commitment to integrity and promote ethical behavior. Penn State’s Center for Workplace Learning & Performance offers in-depth certificate programs to train and develop leaders: Penn State Emerging Leaders, Excellence in Management, and Supervision Series.

Resources for Reporting Illegal or Unethical Conduct

Faculty, staff, and students can report issues related to suspected illegal or unethical conduct and/or ask questions via the Ethics & Compliance Hotline at 1-800-560-1637 or online.