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Integrity Resources

From the classroom to the workplace, we offer a number of resources to promote integrity and ethical behavior, and more importantly to help you lead by example in the classroom and in the professional workplace. In addition to a number of online resources specific to prospective and current undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty, staff, and administrators, there are several “practice” ethical dilemmas for undergraduate and graduate students to try-out.

If you find these resources to be particularly helpful, please let us know. We also encourage you to share new ideas and resources with us, as we continue to enhance and expand the portfolio of resources for you.

Finally, Penn State also offers a number of avenues for faculty, staff, and students to report any suspected illegal or unethical conduct. Some other helpful University resources include:

We urge you to speak up if you suspect illegal or unethical conduct, as it is everyone’s responsibility to help keep the University a safe and ethical institution.