Smeal Academic Papers List

This page lists several recent publications of Smeal College feculty on entrepreneurship, innovation, organizational change, product development and other domains of interest to the Farrell Center.

The Smeal College faculty undertake significant academic research in entrepreneurship and related areas. The following is a list of some recent publications:

Pammer, S. E., Fong, D. K. H., and Arnold, S. F. (2000). Forecasting the Penetration of a New Product-A Bayesian Approach Journal of Business and Economic Statistics , 18, 428-435.

Karen Jansen. 2000. The emerging dynamics of change. Resistance, readiness, and momentum. Human Resource Planning 23(2):53-55.

Martin Kilduff. 2000. Organizational culture from a network perspective. Handbook of Organizational Culture & Climate 211-221.

Charles Snow. 1998. Good for practice: An integrated theory of the value of alternative organizational forms. Strategic Flexibility: Managing in a Turbulent Environment 93-113.

Charles Snow. 2000. "Entrepreneurial strategies. Entrepreneurship as Strategy 101-114.

Gary Gittings. 1998. Managing product liability to achieve highway innovations NCHRP Synthesis No. 265.

Gerald Susman. 1998. Test of a model of organizational contributors to product development team effectiveness." Journal of Engineering and Technology Management .

Pollock, T., Rindova,V., and Maggitti, P. (2008). Market Watch: Information and Availability Cascades Among the Media and Investors in the U.S. IPO Market. Academy of Management Journal, 51(2), 335-358.

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