Q: How is the center different from others?
A: We treat entrepreneurism as a structured management discipline which can be applied not only in start-up companies, but also within established corporations, as well as the new form of corporate networks and "virtual enterprises".

Q: How does the center relate to other colleges in Penn State University?
A: The center has joint events and lectures as well as forming teams of students from business, technology and other backgrounds to look at new opportunities.

Q: How do Angel investors and Venture Capital (VC) firms work with the center?
A: For independent studies credits, students undertake due diligence on investment opportunities and provide reports to investors and VC firms considering investing in the companies.

Q: How do corporations work with the center?
A: The center is often challenged with problems that corporations experience when executing an innovation strategy. The center can help in solving these problems using the latest results from academic research. Graduate assistants are assigned study programs with the corporations under a scholarship agreement.

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