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Services We Provide

Students in the Executive MBA Program in the Smeal College of Business enjoy unique services that enable them to focus on their studies.

If you are investigating the possibility of the Penn State Smeal Executive MBA Program, you know that these programs are not for everyone. The program is challenging. It produces great rewards, but requires a substantial effort in time and energy. To allow you to focus on your studies, we provide the following services:

  • We come to you during the application process, if need be, to answer your questions and conduct the application interview.
  • We assist you with the student loan process, ensuring it is completed as effortlessly as possible on your part.
  • We order your books and class materials and have them delivered to you.
  • We complete your registration for all courses.
  • The Penn State Angel suite of customized software tools enables you to stay in touch both in class and outside of class by using features such as virtual meetings, team chat rooms, threaded discussion groups, and collaborative team software.
  • A toll-free conference calling phone number and an account for collaborative web meetings are assigned to each study group, allowing groups to work together without being in the same location.
  • As a Penn State student, you have access to Penn State's array of computing, library, and academic advising resources.
  • Your meals and accommodations are included as part of your tuition. You just need to show up.
  • Parking is provided, and valet parking is available at the ACE Center and at the Nittany Lion Inn (for University Park residence weeks).
  • Your global immersion trip is included in the tuition. We plan everything, including many opportunities to network abroad. All you need is to pay the airfare.

With the Penn State Smeal Executive MBA Program, your job is to learn. Let us take care of everything else.