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Too Busy

Stories about students who completed the Executive MBA Program in the Smeal College of Business and how they fit it into their busy lifestyles.

If you are considering the Penn State Smeal Executive MBA Program, you are approaching this challenge for any number of reasons. Whether you feel an MBA is right for your career, have a personal desire to pursue an academically prestigious credential, or are simply satisfying a personal life goal the fact is you are probably a busy person.

EMBA students by nature are busy people, and while the thought of attending class every other weekend for 21-months may seem daunting, the reality is that you will never be "less busy". As is often the case "less busy" is something that upwardly mobile, driven and determined people typically never experience. If you are like most of our students you will always have a new project, a new assignment, new employees, and new bosses. You will always have a big promotion just ahead of you, or just behind you and you will always have the challenges of work and family balance. You will always have a crisis of sorts that requires 100% of your attention, and you will always have something that you just didn’t expect.

Everyone else in the business world has these challenges, and they manage them. Many of them do this with an MBA already as a credential, or are in the process of getting their executive MBA from a top named business school.

If you pursue an executive MBA, you will be busy learning and polishing your leadership skills. You will not be not be as busy with traditional "school activities", because we provide classes in a staggered format for optimal delivery of content. Class deliverables are often team based, and timed so that multiple items are not due at the same time. We manage your out-of-class preparation time to 15 hours per week, provide a centralized on-line class management system, and provide concierge style service with our EMBA team of five during the entire program.. If you are wondering if you can handle this, call us at 866 999 3622 to schedule an appointment with us to sit in on a class.

Think you are too busy for an Executive MBA? So did these current students.

  • CEO of a Global VC Firm
  • CFO of a $800 million company going public in 12 months
  • Controller of major manufacturing company
  • General Manager, mother of three children while her husband was on assignment in India
  • Chief Marketing Officer of a multi-billion corporation
  • Project Manager assigned a project in Asia 2 months before classes started
  • Senior Manager assigned to a mid-west US post 1 month after class started
  • Senior VP assigned to develop leadership of country's largest bank
  • Plant Manager of a family run business with no infrastructure
  • Marketing Manager launching $500 million in new products in North, Central and South America during the program
  • Entrepreneur who grew his firm from 0 to 100 employees in 4 years
  • Manager (with three children) assigned project in the Ukraine, required to commute in between class weekends
  • Major television personality, former political appointee, serving on multiple boards, raising teenage children

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