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Employer Benefits

Participation in the Penn State Smeal Executive MBA Program has the potential for enormous payoff for sponsoring companies.

Participation in the Penn State Smeal Executive MBA Program has the potential for enormous payoff for sponsoring companies. Practical insights from company-focused projects, teaming with a top research university to address critical business challenges, and aiding succession planning are just a few of the benefits. Here are more:

Project courses address your company's strategic challenges

  • Strategic assessment of the firm: a year-long project in first year critically assesses the sponsoring firm's strategies, with critiques from faculty and fellow students.
  • Team consulting projects in second year address key strategic issues in sponsoring firms and find solutions to problems.
  • Classes are structured to give students the opportunity to address problems and challenges your firm faces daily.

Win the talent war

  • Retain talent: education and training through an Executive MBA program is one sure way to show your best and brightest that you believe in their abilities to succeed.
  • Succession planning: identify and train future leaders of the firm from within and save time and money spent on recruiting, hiring, and training.
  • Employees continue working while obtaining their MBA. Skills learned will be immediately applicable on the job, so you get a better employee in real-time.
  • Special seminars for sponsoring firms and supervisors will provide information on how to use a better-trained employee to create value quickly.

Curriculum and program focus create a more confident, motivated leader

  • Broad based, general managerial competencies addressed.
  • Working effectively in teams is a key feature of the entire program.
  • Program customized to interests and backgrounds of participants.
  • Award winning Communications course enhances oral and written presentation skills
  • Skill sets: breadth and depth in communications, managing and leading people, value creation and capture, allocating resources, and business strategy.
  • Global Immersion will expose employees to best practices of international companies.

Open windows of opportunity through networking

  • Employees attend class with other high-achieving employees and nurture potential business opportunities.
  • Executive Seminar series on class weekends brings distinguished executives to speak.
  • All classes are taught by Penn State Smeal College of Business faculty, nationally ranked and influential thought leaders in their fields.
  • The Penn State Alumni Association is the largest in the world.

Free lifetime membership in Smeal Research Centers

  • Students and their mentors are enrolled in the Smeal Research Center Network-communities of leading researchers, faculty, and practitioners from around the world and across a broad variety of business practice areas. Our center network includes: The Center for Supply Chain Research, The Penn State eBusiness Research Center, and the Institute for the Study of Business Markets.

Flexible approaches to payment are available

  • Payment schedules can be arranged to fit with your firm's budget cycle. Costs can be spread over several fiscal years or budget periods.
  • Tuition and fees cover the full two-year program and include all academic services, support, textbooks, basic supplies, software licenses, web support, laboratory fees, as well as all meals, parking, and lodging for overnight stays involved in the residential sessions at University Park, the alternating weekends at the Ace Center, and the global immersion experience.
  • Costs are tax deductible for employer: after-tax costs reduced by approximately 40%.
  • Innovative financing arrangements can ensure employees bear the cost if they quit the firm after finishing the program.