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Global Immersion

At the end of the Penn State Smeal Executive MBA Program,An aerial view of Santiago, one of the South American business hubs visited by EMBA students during their Global Immersion experience. during our Global Immersion Week, you will visit another economic region. There, you will visit both local and multinational firms, meet business leaders, and hear from government officials. You will learn how people in other cultures operate. How other nations see the U.S. and the world. How other companies are responding to the changes common to all businesses.

A recent class traveled to Belgium, where the European Union meets, and then to the Czech Republic, which was to join the European Union in just 10 days. With that topic clearly on the minds of Europeans, students were able to gain unique insight into the pros and cons of the European Union, globalization, emerging markets, and competition. Through discussions with government officials and leaders from firms like General Electric and Skoda, the students came away from the trip with a better understanding of international business.

Executive MBA students have traveled to Singapore, Brazil and Chile, Ireland, China, Turkey, India, and Japan.