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Tuition and Aid


Penn State Smeal Executive MBA tuition for the class that is entering in August of 2016 is $93,000.

This fee covers tuition, textbooks, basic supplies, specialized course software, as well as all meals and lodging for overnight stays associated with the two University Park residence weeks, the alternating weekends at the ACE Conference Center, and the Global Immersion experience.

The Smeal EMBA program does not provide students with laptop computers since we have found that many of our students prefer the ability to use their existing laptop (personal or work).  Discounts offered through Penn State's technology store are available for all registered students.

Visa, passport and air travel costs related to the Global Immersion are not covered.

Financial Aid

Among top Executive MBA programs nationwide, more than 60 percent of students cover some or all of the program costs on their own. Lack of or limited corporate financial support should not be a barrier to your enrollment in an Executive MBA program. Several student loan products are available to help cover the costs of the program.

All candidates are eligible for the federal Stafford Loan program which provides up to $20,500 in low-interest federal student loans per academic year. In addition, federal graduate PLUS loans can cover any remaining costs of the program. Low interest rates and flexible repayment timelines make these products an attractive option for those considering an Executive MBA. More information can be found by downloading our Cost and Loans PDF. To learn more about financial aid options, please contact the Executive MBA Program office at 1-866-999-EMBA.

Return on Investment

According to a study by the EMBA Council

  • It takes 17 months from the beginning of an EMBA program for an employer to get a return on their investment
  • 43 percent of EMBA graduates indicated they received new job responsibilities as a result of their work in an EMBA program
  • 80 percent of graduates said they added more value to their organizations while an EMBA student

According to GMAC…

  • Graduates of EMBA programs are likely to receive three or more promotions that result in increased responsibilities and increased pay

  • 75 percent of EMBA students plan to make a job change internally or externally after graduation

  • EMBA graduates can expect to raise their earning power by 20 percent (on average) after graduation


The Smeal Executive MBA program offers a limited number of scholarships each year to students indicating a financial need who receive little to no financial sponsorship from their organizations.  Should you be interested in applying for a scholarship, please submit an essay, as part of your application to the program, answering the following:

  • Describe in approximately 500 words why you feel you are deserving of a Smeal EMBA need-based scholarship.
  • Describe your financial need and sources of funding for the program, including amounts, (corporate sponsorship, student loans, personal funds, etc.) as well as how a scholarship will enable your success in the EMBA program.
  • In order to be considered for a scholarship, students must also complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Recipients will be selected on a merit basis by the admissions committee.

If you have questions about the scholarship process, please contact us at emba@smeal.psu.edu.

Penn State Alumni Fellowship Award

Students who have completed a degree through Penn State University are eligible to receive a one time award of $5,000 towards their EMBA tuition.  Penn State Alumni should contact us at emba@smeal.psu.edu to learn more and confirm eligibility.