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Driving Supplier Innovations

Fall 2016 Supply Chain Leaders' Forum

October 12-13, 2016


Innovation is key to enabling future success. However, a company's development cost can quickly and easily erode any profit made from those innovations. Thus, the importance of collaborative supplier innovation, continues to be a focus point for many companies. Suppliers provide ideas, reduce development cost, time, and cost of goods sold, as well as pave the way to a price premium. This forum focuses on successfully managing collaborative supplier innovation to produce profitable growth by way of improved differentiation and speed while lowering costs.

Twice a year the Center for Supply Chain Research sponsors an invitation-only, issues discussion program called the Supply Chain Leaders Forum. The program is intended for mid to senior level supply chain managers and executives. Its purpose is to foster peer-to-peer discussions of current issues dealing with logistics and supply chain management and to seek commonalities in business practice. Themes from prior Supply Chain Leaders' Forums include; visibility, transformation, strategy, Lean/Six Sigma, globalization, sustainability, emerging technology, integration, synchronization, talent development, omni-channel, security, and risk mitigation.

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