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Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise in Research for Center for Sports Business & Research List of recent publications for Dr. Wayne S. DeSarbo

The Center for Sports Business & Research has particular expertise and interest in the following areas of business research:

  • Market Segmentation
  • Customer Satisfaction/Service Quality Assessment
  • Product/Service Design
  • Analysis of Competition
  • Positioning
  • Consumer Choice
  • Brand Equity
  • Pricing and Demand Estimation
  • Strategy
  • Advertising Sponsorships, etc….

A sample list of recent publications in these areas of business appears below

    • DeSarbo, W. S., Park, J., and Scott, C., (2008), “A Model-Based Approach for Visualizing the Dimensional Structure of Ordered Successive Categories Preference Data”, Psychometrika, 73(1), 1-20.
    • Park, J., DeSarbo, W. S., and Liechty, J., (2008), “A Hierarchical Bayesian Multidimensional Scaling Methodology for Accommodating Both Structural and Preference Heterogeneity”, Psychometrika, 73(3), 451-472.
    • DeSarbo, W. S., Grewal, R., and Scott, C., (2008), “A Clusterwise Bilinear Multidimensional Scaling Methodology for Simultaneous Segmentation and Positioning”, Journal of Marketing Research, 45(3), 280-292.
    • DeSarbo, W. S., Atalay, S., LeBaron, D., and Blanchard, S., (2008), “Estimating Multiple Consumer Segment Ideal Points from Context-Dependent Survey Data “, Journal of Consumer Research, 35(1), 142-153.
    • Dube, L., Bechara, A., Bockenholt, U., Ansari, A., Dagher, A., DeSarbo, W. S., Hammond, R., Huang, T., Huettel, S., Kooreman, P., and Smidts, A. (2008), “Towards a Brain-to-Society Systems Model of Individual Choice”, Marketing Letters, 19(34), 323-336.
    • Di Benedetto, T., DeSarbo, W. S., and Song, M., (2008),Strategic Capabilities and Radical Innovation: An Empirical Study in Three Countries”, IEEE- Transactions on Engineering Management, 55(3), 420-433.
    • DeSarbo, W. S., Grewal, R., Hwang, H., Wang, Q., (2008), “The Simultaneous Identification of Strategic/Performance Groups and Underlying Dimensions for Assessing an Industry's Competitive Structure”, Journal of Modelling in Management, 3(3), 220-248.
    • DeSarbo, W. S., Blanchard, S., and Atalay, S., (2009), “A Three-Way Clusterwise Multidimensional Unfolding Procedure for the Spatial Representation of Context Dependent Preferences”, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 53(8), 3217-3230.
    • DeSarbo, W. S., Grewal, R., and Wang, R., (2009), “Dynamic strategic groups: Deriving spatial evolutionary paths”, Strategic Management Journal, 30(13), 1420-1439.
    • DeSarbo, W. S., (2009), “Measuring fan avidity can help Marketers narrow their focus”, Sports Business Journal, Dec. 21, 13-14.
    • DeSarbo, W. S., Ebbes, P., Fong, D., and Snow, C., (2010), “Revisiting Customer Value Analysis in a Heterogeneous Market”, Journal of Modelling in Management, 5(1), 8-24.
    • Ebbes, P., R. Grewal, W. S. DeSarbo (2010), “Modelling Strategic Group Dynamics: A Hidden Markov Approach”, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 8(2), 241-274.
    • DeSarbo, W. S., Wang, Q., and Blanchard, S., (2010), “Exploring intra-industry competitive heterogeneity: The identification of latent competitive groups”, Journal of Modelling in Management, 5(2), 94-123.
    • Fong, D., DeSarbo, W. S., Park, J., and Scott, C., (2010), “A Bayesian Vector Multidimensional Scaling Procedure for the Analysis of Ordered Preference Data”, Journal of the American Statistical Society, 105 (2), 482-492.
    • DeSarbo, W. S., (2010), “A Spatial Multidimensional Unfolding Choice Model for Examining the Heterogeneous Expressions of Sports Fan Avidity”, Journal of Quantitative Analysis of Sports, 6(2), Art. #3.
    • DeSarbo, W. S., Park, J., and Rao, V. R., (2011), “Deriving Joint Space Positioning Maps from Consumer Preference Ratings”, Marketing Letters, 22(1), 1-14.
    • DeSarbo, W. S. and Madrigal, R. (2011), “Examining the behavioral manifestations of fan avidity in sports marketing”, Journal of Modelling in Management, 6(1), 79-99.
    • Scott, C. J. and DeSarbo, W. S., (2011), “A new constrained stochastic multidimensional scaling vector model: An application to the perceived importance of leadership attributes”, Journal of Modelling in Management, 6(1), 7-32.
    • DeSarbo, W. S. and Madrigal, R., (2012), “Exploring the Demand Aspects of Sports Consumption and Fan Avidity”, Interfaces: Special Issue on Sports Analytics, (March/April) 42,199-212.
    • Blanchard, S., DeSarbo, W.S., Atalay, A., & Nukhet, H, (2012), “Identifying Consumer Heterogeneity in Unobserved Categories”, Marketing Letters, 23, (1), 177-194.
    • Fong, D., Ebbes, P., and DeSarbo, W. (2012), "A Heterogeneous Bayesian Regression Model for Cross Sectional Data Involving a Single Observation per Response Unit", Psychometrika, 77, (2), 293-314.
    • Park, J., Rajagopal, P., and DeSarbo, W. S., (2012), “A New Heterogeneous Multidimensional Unfolding Procedure”, Psychometrika , 77(2), 263-287.
    • Kim, S., Fong, D., and DeSarbo, W.S. (2012), “Model Based Segmentation Featuring Simultaneous Segment Level Variable Selection”, Journal of Marketing Research, 49,(5), 725-736..
    • Blanchard, S. and DeSarbo, W.S., (2012), "The Heterogeneous P-Median Problem for Categorization Based Clustering", Psychometrika, 77, (4), 741-762.
    • DeSarbo, W.S., Blank, A.S., & McKeon, C. (2012), “Proper mix of promotional offerings can produce for teams”, Sports Business Journal, 15, (24), p. 18.
    • Blanchard, S., and DeSarbo, W.S., (2013), “A New Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Methodology for Latent Category Identification”, Psychometrika, forthcoming.